I want to remind people that the First Amendment was not written by the Founding Fathers so you could lie about your president, no matter what political affiliation he or she may belong to. It does not give anyone the right to lie about government laws or regulations.

There are a lot of letters to the editor across the country that should be edited for truth. I am not sure what compels people to write letters or articles that are just wrong. So the next before you get the urge to tell the world how much smarter you are than they are, check your facts. That way you will not end up sounding like the fool you are presenting yourself to the world to be.

Ronnie Rozier


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You need to start fact checking the deep state FOX news propaganda show. I feel sorry for the people that form their opinions and facts based on this TV programming .

CitrusCo Citizen

Read and study the U.S. Constitution, Ronnie. The Founding Fathers created the First Amendment to protect citiizens, employees, writers, artists, actors, poets, songwriters and especially journalists from calling out Trump for his lies and hyperboles (a.k.a. BS) without fear of retaliation, that is beyond his adolescent, slandering ,Twitters and verbal insults. Otherwise, the thin-skinned, revengeful Trump would use imprisonment, torture, or even execution to get rid of any critics. If we didn't have the First Amendment to protect us when we call out liars, then Trump behave like a Mafia boss and third-world dictators do--"get rid" of the whistleblowers and truth-tellers. So when he states to thousands of worshippers that Americans have to show an I.D. to buy groceries, that windmills cause cancer, or he didn't even know his attorney's special friends from the Ukraine (even though he's smiling in a photo with them), we have the freedom to call him out and even laugh at him without the fear of being dragged away by his stormtroppers.


Ronnie, just wondering about the First Amendment and the President's love of swearing in public. Lying is just part of his bu##@$ problems. His love of having his followers kiss his a@# is well known. He does most his god- &@!ed swearing in front of his most beloved followers. What exactly does that say about his followers when they cheer and clap when he does that. Wow!!!

CitrusCo Citizen

It says that his worshippers are supporting and enabling a bully, they think harrassment is entertaining, and see absolutely nothing wrong with breaking federal laws about attacking other people for their race, religion, national origin, age, disability, or sexual preference or identity--In two years we/ve lost half a century of progress in ethical, moral and legal treatment of other human beings. As for Trump's potty mouth--reminds me of when I worked in a middle school, in the inner city. This adolescent male's E.Q. (Emotional Quotient) and his vocabulary level have not developed past aged 13 and he's stuck there, forever. And so are the people who support his "unChristian" behavior and foul language.


This man has managed to set the young people of today back by a few generations. Sad to think that this kind of stuff could happen in 2019. Sounds more like something from 1940..

CitrusCo Citizen

Ronnie, we so sorry for you! You fell hard for a lying liar and now you're defiending him and his lies, because you're too embarrassed to admit that he's a psychopathic liar. His lies are normal everyday "facts" to you, but facts are based on evidence that can be counted, photographed, taped, seen, heard, etc. and all of Trumps 12,000 lies in the past 3 years can be verified and refuted with factual evidence. In the end, Trump will be caught in his own tangled web of deceit and lies.

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