In Sunday’s edition you quoted state Rep. Ralph Massullo, R-Lecanto, saying FDOT may use the County Road 486 leg as the first phase in moving the Suncoast Parkway north.

“There would be a benefit to having a temporary terminus at 486,” Massullo said. “It would remove a lot of traffic off 44 at least temporarily until they’re able to build the next section of the Suncoast.”

Anyone should think twice about using C.R. 486 to relieve traffic on State Road 44. If Rep. Massullo would just look at a map, he’d see that C.R. 486 dumps directly back into S.R. 44 if heading west (the best way to reach U.S. 19 and head further north).

There is no reason for an exit only 3 miles from S.R. 44, to only force traffic back on to S.R. 44.

Stop this nonsense and either stop the Suncoast at S.R. 44, or go all the way up north to U.S. 19 north of Crystal River. There is no need for an exit at C.R. 486. It serves no purpose.

John Buchner

Beverly Hills

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CitrusCo Citizen

Good letter and I agree, John. No impact studies of any depth were done before they started up the bulldozers. The Commissioners could care less about anyone living north of 44 and their properties, much less the last of the Nature Coast.

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