Dear Editor: Commissioner (Ruthie Davis) Schlabach has stated, and the Chronicle has repeated it several times, that the 1% sales tax increase would only cost the average resident $6-12 per year. Not sure how she comes up with the amount, and not sure why the Chronicle has not checked it for accuracy.

If the “average resident” spends $1,200 on sales taxable items, they have hit the maximum payment, according to the commissioner. ($1,200 x .01 equals $12). Items subject to sales tax are meals, Home Depot, most of Walmart, Bealls, McDonalds, When you add in high ticket items like appliances, TVs, autos, etc., $1,200 is a drop in the bucket. The 1% sales tax will cost everyone a lot more than $12 per person per year.

And what happens to the present $.12 per gallon tax on gasoline that the county imposes now? How is that spent? Also stated is that the tourists and out of towners will pay 1/3 of the cost of new roads via the sales tax. How does the county know when a “out of towner” pays sales tax?

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I’m not against paying my fair share, but to raise the sales tax because Citrus County is the only one that doesn’t charge 7% is not a valid reason to raise the sales tax.

Ralph Viegelmann