Ignore the Chronicle headlines “EPA defies climate warnings,” “Coal given a reprieve,” “After years of improvement, US air quality is slipping,” or articles indicating North Korea and Iran are testing sophisticated missiles. Iran is enriching its uranium, and many of us have no decent health care, which Trump promised years ago. And overlook the stories indicating Trump’s government doesn’t pocket the import taxes; that vaccinations cause autism; that these heat waves, floods and forest fires have nothing to do with climate change; that Mexico is writing the U.S. a check for the wall; and most absurdly, that Democrats are socialists because they want the government to provide roads, schools, Social Security, mail and other essentials services, including health care for those who have none, and background screening of all gun purchases.

Instead, examine this incredible economy, which currently has a lackluster GDP of 2.1% according to the Commerce Department. What is Trump’s secret? It’s his methodology, attempting to skirt all environmental and monetary safeguards: Rolling back the Clean Power Plan; relaxing the methane flaring and direct venting rules; allowing dumping of coal and other industrial waste into rivers and streams; eliminating or delaying high mileage vehicle requirements; pushing the burning of dirty coal; defunding NASA’s Earth-monitoring programs; eliminating the Energy Star program; dismissing half the science review board that shapes our environmental policy; selling 50% of our strategic oil reserves; opening public lands to drilling and fracking to sell gas, oil, timber and minerals overseas; suspending Obama’s clean water rule; meddling with the Central Bank’s independence by influencing interest rates; and become the only country on Earth to drop out of the Paris Agreement.

Is it working? Check the facts. The broad S&P 500 index increased 230% under Obama, and so far under Trump, 32%. In his last two years in office, Obama created an average of 15,000 jobs per month — more than Trump has in the 30 months he’s been in office. Trump has recklessly expanded the national debt to bolster the economy, adding $35,000-plus to each household paying federal income tax. As he is well aware, these irrational environmental and financial burdens will be much harder to clean up than not creating them in the first place. “We the people” will have the pleasure of cleaning them up when our resources have diminished, our environmental problems have exacerbated and our allies are nowhere in sight.


Lee Kane

Crystal River

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Now Trump is in the process of decimating the Endangered Species Act, which is set to go into effect in 30 days. Citrus County should take note of this. Their cash cow, the manatee, just got thrown to the wolves. Best to start thinking about some other kind of income. I would suggest getting into the raising homes on pilings type business.

CitrusCo Citizen

As of this week--now that whales and other marine mammals will no longer be protected as endangered species and will soon become extinct, you can bet on the beginning of seismic booming by ships from the fossil fuel industry, searching for oil deposits along the coastal ocean floors up and down the Atlantic coast, and especially in Florida. Imagine having a huge, deafening explosion going off in your living room about every minute, 24-7-365!! You would soon die from shock after shock, ongoing stress, and either have a heart attack, a stroke, or starve to death. That's what will happen to different species of whales, dolphins, manatees, and other animals of the sea once Trump starts up the seismic booming again to satisfy his oil tyocoon buddies' greedy quest for more and more and more oil. Next step--fracking again and @#%& Florida's wildlife, marine life, and people. As long as I am able, which should be quite a while, I will make sure that our grandchildren and as many people as possible understand and remember how and why Donald J. Trump and his fossil fuel pigs were responsible for bringing many magnificent animals to extinction. The time to start documenting this holocaust of the ocean animals is now and I and my colleagues know how to do that.

CitrusCo Citizen

Worse is the fact that our grandchildren will be left with even more of the bill along with the full consequences of Climate Crisis= rising seas, extreme heat causing fires, drought, crop failure and eventual starvation in much of the earth's population. Not to mention polluted seas, oceans, gulfs, lakes, rivers, air, and soil. Not to mention stronger, more intense, and more frequent weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, torrential rain, and extreme cold. I fear for our grandchildren. We'll be reaching the tipping point in about two years but much of the damage has already been done and is irreversible. There are still those who will continue to deny global warming and climate crisis until the day that they die, but usually they're pretty old already, anyway, so it doesn't matter, nor do they care because it probably won't affect them durth the lifetime that they have left. Perhaps they don't have grandchildren or do not care much about them, or perhaps they are too afraid of their "leaders" wrath to acknowledge the truth. But their opinion doesn't matter anymore, because the effects of climate change is here now.

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