Susan Gill is, no doubt, an intelligent, efficient public servant, who believes she has made a brilliant move in taking her election office out of the county seat of Citrus County and moving it to Crystal River.

Well, Susan, I have news for you and any county official involved in this maneuver: If this is written in stone, shame on you and all who approved this fiasco that will inconvenience the majority of the taxpayers/voters of Citrus County. Long before you were born, more sensible, prudent leaders than what we are burdened with now, thankfully, selected Inverness as the county seat. The choice of Inverness lay in its central location in the county, its access to all county, court and national government offices. There is no justification for your office or any Citrus County office to move. We have large buildings available at a former shopping mall where Kmart and Publix did business. Your office would have provided incentive to a blighted area and forestalled the majority of your public driving an average of over 30 miles round-trip due to your thoughtless idea.

Inverness is the county seat of Citrus County; all government services shall be maintained in the city of Inverness not farmed out at the discretion of any individual.

Dean Gregg

Floral City

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CitrusCo Citizen

Right I bet office space at the "Dead Strip Mall" on 41 going out of Inverness has plenty of room going dirt cheap! Election offices should be in the County Seat so that you can get the documents you need all in the same town. I got my driver's license and then walked over to register to vote with all of the docs that I needed in the same place at the same time. Another absurd decision in Citrus County!


The Clerk has an office in Meadocrest as well. So anything you can do at the Clerk/Tax collector can be done in Crystal River. There are government offices in Lecanto as well. Everything will not fit in Inverness.


I agree crizor. In addition, anyone who states that Inverness is in a "central location in the county" really needs to look at, and perhaps learn how to read, a map of Citrus County.

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