Are we raising a nation of wimps? The news seems concerned about how kids are dealing with staying home, not having Little League, playing, etc. How about a little history?

I wasn’t the only fifth grader in 1941-42 who suddenly had curfews that kept everyone off the streets and lights out after dark in California. I wasn’t the only one that heard the anti-aircraft guns fire at night as the searchlight from the golf course down the road searched for the Japanese planes that were supposedly over our town.

Were we concerned? Probably, but it was expected that we keep a stiff upper lip and follow the instructions given us. For the most part, as I believe history will show, we did — if the schools still teach history instead of the PC version.

Today, perhaps due to the idea that everyone’s a winner and everyone gets a medal and there are no losers that’s been taught from kindergarten through graduate school, it seems that the young people, including some of our kids, cannot fathom the idea of a little sacrifice. Example: Spring Breakers ignoring all warnings concerning the coronavirus problem we now face.

Is it the end of the world? No! It does, however, indicate that the idea of self-sacrifice for the good of the community may be lost on a generation or two. Perhaps bringing back the draft and pulling kids out of college to serve the country for a couple of years could reinstate some semblance of duty, honor, country that appears missing in so many.

How about forgetting about all inconsequential sacrifices we’re being asked to make and think about the bigger picture, and that includes the news media, which could be a source of positive news instead of constantly dwelling on the bad.

No one, with the possible exception of the Chinese, could have or should have foreseen this pandemic. Stuff happens, so let’s all hunker down, stay home for a couple of weeks and thank the Almighty that we live in this country. Tell me where else you would like to live right now.

David W. Martin