Under the Obama administration, hundreds of migrants died every year at the Mexican-U.S. border. Thousands were detained in camps. Children were detained in those camps, too. The average daily population of these detention centers was between 30,000 and 40,000. Children were often the first to be cast out of the country — as one report put it, the border authorities moved unaccompanied children to the head of the line for deportation. One critic called Obama the most stringent enforcer of immigration laws in American history.

So, was Barack Obama Hitler? Was that fascism?

To see the double standards, the hypocrisy, the staggering lack of principle in contemporary radical politics, look no further than the discussion of the immigration crisis in the U.S.

They didn’t compare Obama to Hitler. They didn’t say, “This is like the 1930s.” People didn’t trek to the processing centers in which children were being crammed into cells and were sleeping under rough blankets and allow a photographer to capture their grief bemoaning Trump’s Hitlerian treatment of migrants? Where was the grief when Obama did this?

A horrible photo of a man and his daughter who drowned while crossing the Rio Grande between Mexico and the U.S. was widely published. But migrant deaths just over the border in the U.S. have been rising since the mid-1990s and especially during the Obama administration. So in 1996, there were at least 87 deaths of migrants within the U.S. border. In 2012, the year Obama was re-elected, there were at least 463. In total, 7,216 people died crossing the U.S.-Mexico border between 1998 and 2017. Why was there no talk of America’s shame or America’s concentration camps’? Somehow it seems everyone could turn a blind eye to the fact bad things happen at the border until Trump became president.

Numerous questions are thrown up by the Mexico-U.S. border problem. A key one, which very few of Trump’s critics want to address, is the issue of national sovereignty. Surely it is the right of a nation to determine who may enter the country and how they may do so?

Mike Dragoun


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It's real easy, Mike. Obama is not the President, Trump is. People who live in the past are missing their future. You really should be paying attention to yours and the country's future under Trump. It is not looking pretty at this point.


And totally ignore Obama era atrocities?

Miuke Nelson

What atrocities? The comparisons of Trump to Hitler go way deeper than that. We are in the before times and with no wish to trivialise the Holocaust by equating Trump to Hitler, who oversaw the murder millions of people,

there are parallels between actions taken by the Trump administration today and the actions taken by Germany in the 1930s before the Holocaust. From creating his own media, denigrating the free press, exploiting youth at rallies, endorsing police brutality, and demonizing immigrants, One can npt ignore the warnings.

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