Lies, damned lies, and statistics. That descriptor popularized by Mark Twain describes a recent letter writer’s effort to claim statistics show an overwhelming Republican presence in Citrus County and that should disqualify the Chronicle from printing articles critical of Republicans. He cites reporting of a local event which pointed out the continuing fallacious spoutings of our Republican president. But, he has made a huge mistake in assuming that Republican registrants are truly Republican. Take me, for example. I was Republican most of my life, beginning with voting for Nixon in 1960. But I consider the party has left me, and for the past two decades, I have voted 90% for Democratic candidates. Yet, I am still registered Republican. That is simply because Florida has a closed primary voter law.

It is true that this county slightly leans Republican, and therefore many candidates for major office list themselves as Republican. If I want a say in selecting the candidate, I have to “be a Republican.” What is fascinating is that a discussion of this very phenomenon came up at a friendly group meeting recently. Two other persons expressed that they did the same. The group was approximately 10, and so statistically, 30% of us were RINOs — Republican in name only. Applying that correcting value to the numbers quoted by the letter writer, it seems this county is predominantly Democratic. I must admit I don’t really know if my statistics are valid, but my point is that the letter writer does not know either. He was entirely wrong to make that criticism.

Dr. Lowell D. Smith

Beverly Hills

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Where did you learn statistics, the University of Ignorance? The sample size was insignificant. Take a moment to review the most recent election results for Citrus County. The results are clear and evident, Citrus county voted overwhelmingly for Republicans about a 2 to 1 ratio. BTW, I know persons who are registered Democrats, but vote Republican, however I would not use that small sample size to draw a larger conclusion, as that would be pure ignorance.

Miuke Nelson

You missed the point in your quickness to be nasty.


A "sample size of 10" was "polled" to determine the mindset of a population center of approximately 150,000 people. Not only that, the sample size was taken amongst a group of friends, who may be of similar "mindset". This sample size and concentration is insignificant and meaningless. Again, just look at the election results, Citrus County is overwhelmingly Republican For every Democrat vote, approximately 2.2 Republican votes are recorded. A small sampling one's circle of friends should not be used to draw a larger conclusion....

CitrusCo Citizen

My dad was a lifelong Republican (not always happy about it), but as he spouted his politics at the dinner table, my mom would just nod in agreement and smile a little. After he died, mom told us that she always voted Democrat and just let him believe that she agreed with him to avoid "trouble"! When I asked if he ever suspected anything, she smiled and said, "Nope! That's what that voting booth curtain is for!" Husbands, don't think for a second that you can control your wives' minds in the voting booth!


You are absolutely right Dr. Lowell.

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