Most liberals, progressives or Democrats I’ve ever met hate rich, greedy people. Yet every single one of them want someone else to pay for their existence. Liberals can afford unlimited internet, cable TV, cellphones with unlimited service and lotto tickets — they just can’t seem to pay for health care, food, housing, The New York Times or an education. That’s where you taxpayers come in. The liberals can’t even afford a subscription to the newspaper they worship — but never read — so where do they go? To the rich, greedy taxpayer. Just once I’d like to have a talk with a liberal about personal responsibility, without being called a racist or bigot. Your constant demands for someone else to haul your water have grown tiresome to say the least. I was raised by a family that taught me to be responsible for myself. It’s obvious that no such training exists in the modern progressive household.

There is no such thing as personal responsibility among Democrats. I can’t afford health care someone else needs to pay my way. I can’t afford college. Someone else needs to pick up the tab. I can’t afford a subscription to the NY Times. Someone needs to cover my cost. If your obese it’s not your fault, you have a disease. If you do drugs it’s not your fault you have a disease. If you are poor it’s because some rich guy stole it from you. I find talking to liberals today I can only wonder what kind of upbringing do you require to blame everyone else for your failures and never yourself! Your parents did you a great injustice but have faith because the majority of yesterdays parents did the same crappy job yours did. If they had done the right thing we wouldn’t have so many whining jackasses that blame everyone but themselves for their plight in life. One look at the Democratic field tells you all you need to know. The front runners are all trying to out promise each other on the freebies they’ll bestow on the masses. If you believe the Democratic candidates B S you definitely have a disease. Not to worry. It’s nothing that personal responsibility won’t cure!

Fred Tims

Crystal River

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great letter Fred. Thanks

I and my family have been Republicans all our lives until 2016. Fred has no idea what he is ranting about. When it comes to "freebies"the republicans are the biggest pigs at the trough only they do it in the form of tax cheating, exemptions, subsidies, and hiding their income. They all decry socialist values but are the first ones in line to collect their social security, pensions, medicare, tri care, and military benefits. We are just another voting causality that won't be voting for Trump in the future.


My husband and I worked since we were 16 years old, money was taken out each paycheck. We pay each month for health insurance and prescription insurance through Medicare. WE WORKED FOR WHAT WE GET. The whiners are the ones who CHOSE to do drugs, drink alcohol, drive motorcycles, overeat, fake disabilities but work under the table, milk the system in a million other ways. They WANT things that are not NEEDED.


Get off my lawn!


Fred, don't listen to the whiners, you are right on! Their hand is always out for something. If there weren't so many milking the system that others pay for, we could do a lot more for this country and it's people.


Hey Fred, you said, "Just once I’d like to have a talk with a liberal about personal responsibility, without being called a racist or bigot." Sorry, guy, just never gonna happen. Sometimes you just have to admit what you really are and get over it.

CitrusCo Citizen

Oh man, not Tims again. I thought his canal house flooded last time and he was gone. Darn. Now here's more of his rubbish. Didn't even bother to read it after the first sentence. Tims--time for the old folks home for you! Buh bye!


“Personal responsibility”?

Half the nation's fresh waterways are poisoned.

Repeated corporate tax cuts have engorged the national debt even though consumers, NOT corporations, are 70% of the US economy. Only the government (taxpayers) and consumers actually “create jobs”.

And your president has committed numerous crimes. "Personal responsibility"?!

Miuke Nelson

and let's not forget Trump's farm bailout has cost taxpayers more than double the auto bailout. Since we are using the broad brush, Mr. Tim's household, like all conservative households seems to lack lacks empathy and the ability to see beyond their nose.


While you claim "Repeated corporate tax cuts have engorged the national debt", the Fed took in a record $3.33.TRILLION dollars in 2018 which is a record HIGH, this id due to a booming economy! More folks working, higher wages!

Meanwhile, the DIMS (House of Representatives )refuse to vote on USMCA trade agreement..... they have done NOTHING for the good of the Country.


This is a very good synopsis of what the far left candidates are selling to get the votes of the young who are struggling to pay off college debt, buy health care for their families and day care while they work two or more jobs to earn a living wage. I believe the majority of those who declare they are democrat or independent voter would agree with much that this opinion expresses and will support the most Centrist democrat question is what do the Republicans offer those young strugglers? What Trump promises he doesn't deliver...unless you count tax breaks...that benefit the rich. I just read that our government is contracting $22 BILLION to build 9 submarines...FOR WHAT WAR, FOR WHAT EXISTENTIAL THREAT? We already have a military budget over $700 billion. Why not allocate that "dinky" $22 billion to support some form of universal health care, child care subsidy for working mothers, minimum wage help via the Earned Income Tax Credit. The vast majority of our citizens want earn a living wage with hard work...not hand outs and freebees. What is Trump and McConnell and Graham offering those folks?


Exactly, the whiners have their hands out for someone else to pay for them. Why does anyone else owe you anything?

CitrusCo Citizen

Spreading hate throughout the land, just in time for Christmas!


NOMAR loves projecting....whine, whine, whine. Uses a lot of energy!


Come on there Fred. Your painting us all with a pretty broad brush. Some of us just want to Impeach your Putin loving Trump. The great betrayer!

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