Recently in Houston, the Democratic presidential candidates had a debate otherwise known as the socialist meeting of the minds. One thing was apparent: Joe Biden is losing it.

I can empathize with Joe. It’s not nice to make fun of an elderly man’s loss of mental capacity, but when he claims he’s qualified to be president, you can’t avoid it. But Biden is not an ordinary senior citizen. Even fellow candidate Julian Castro took a shot at Biden over his memory lapses. He chided Biden for not remembering the details of his own health care plan. Castro said, “Are you forgetting already what you said two minutes ago?”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren had a clean night. She said nothing that would derail her socialist ideology. She continues to tout her socialist plans for the future. She has many detailed plans, but they aren’t good ones. Medicare for all, the AOC Green New Deal, a wealth tax, forgiving all student loan debt, and free college education — all pie-in-the-sky promises.

Bernie Sanders, who made socialist ideas mainstream in the Democrat Party, seems to be jealous of his fellow candidate, since she’s come along and stolen all his thunder.

Beto O’Rourke went full-on crazy when he answered a question in which he was asked if he would call for guns to be confiscated. He responded by saying, “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, your AK-47.” That plan might play well in the Democratic primaries, but it won’t work in a national election.

Cory Booker jumped on the gun confiscation bandwagon but was essentially irrelevant. Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar gave solid performances, but most likely won’t get the Democratic nod.

At the end of the debate, it was apparent that the Democrats have a weak field. It is hard to imagine any of them being able to stand toe-to-toe with President Trump. Their radicalism and his good record may make Trump win against any of them.

Gerard Del Vecchio


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Its interesting Gerald, you pointed out something very obvious and the trolls woke up.

CitrusCo Citizen

Gerard is getting desperate because he realizes that any one of those candidates is, hands down, much more intelligent, strong, healthy, ethical, and humane than the rapidly disintegrating, and self-destructive Trump. The only thing Trump has is more money and we don't even know about that since he's declared 5 bankruptcies and is now hiding his tax returns. Please, just keep eating those cheesebergers and playing lots of golf in the hot sun.


“His good record” LOL!

CitrusCo Citizen

Yep, Trump certainly has a "good record" for lies; scandals; deception; insulting people; collecting wives from eastern Europe; extrmarital affairs; love of dictators; the fossil fuel industry; hating scientists teachers, professors, artists, or anyone who's educated and intelligent; firing people from his swamp; destroying national parks; locking up children with brown skin; communicating only by Twitter and yelling in front of helicopters, and creating total chaos and mayhem day after day after day. Yep, he cetainly will be remembered for his record-setting.


Nice to know that you are watching the Dem candidates so closely, Gerard. Once again, I have to ask if you are sure, deep down inside, exactly who you want to support.


A weak field? That's a major understatement

Miuke Nelson

General Election: Trump vs. Biden FOX News Biden 52, Trump 38 Biden +14

General Election: Trump vs. Sanders FOX News Sanders 48, Trump 40 Sanders +8

General Election: Trump vs. Warren FOX News Warren 46, Trump 40

Warren +6

General Election: Trump vs. Harris FOX News Harris 42, Trump 40

Harris +2

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