It is unfortunate for Walmart that one of the recent crazed, psychotic shooters chose one of their stores to carry out his carnage. However, it was more unfortunate for his victims and their families, but Walmart’s decision to stop selling ammunition and handguns won’t do anything to stop the next one.

So Walmart has now joined the political elite in its eternal quest to take away American’s Second Amendment rights. You would assume that logical thinking would take hold in light of the fact that a large majority of Walmart’s customers are from those AR-15 owning, hunting and sport shooting rural areas of the United States. It appears not.

If Walmart really wants to practice social justice, then maybe they should take a second look at all of the mom and pop stores in small town America that were forced out of business by them. How about making the 50% of their employees who are part-time, full-time employees so that they, too, may enjoy health care benefits and retirement plans like their senior management. Or better still, cut back on the more than 70% of the Chinese made products that Walmart sells and start selling U.S. made goods.

Walmart’s handgun and ammunition decision is going to backfire on them, just as it did with Dick’s Sporting Goods. I spend about $200 a year, not a lot, at Walmart, but that money is now going to go somewhere else. Multiple my $200 by the over 5 million members of the NRA or the million-plus gun owners in this country and you can immediately see how the bottom line is affected. I hope that the Walton family is listening, but I doubt it.


Terry Coats


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Completely in your train of thought processes, one would ask, why didn't you write a letter against Walmart's employee policies and their supply chain long before now. Perhaps the answer is because you are just like the millions of NRA members and gun owners who do not have a problem with what Walmart is doing about guns and ammo, so they do not feel the need to complain about it (perhaps they are secretly all for it). Also, according to everything I have heard from Republicans, I always thought that boycotting was strictly a snowflaky Democratic thing. Are you sure who you are deep down inside?


Where does it say that I am a Republican? Terry Coats Inglis


So you don't know.

CitrusCo Citizen

Everything about the language in your letter infers that you are a Repub. At least Walmart is stepping up to the plate and doing something to stop the murdering of innocent children, women and men. What are you doing? Nothing? If so, then you are encouraging mass murders in the U.S. I commend Walmart for their courage and independent thinking. Now if only, Cabella's, Dicks, and internet companies would follow suit. That just might help a little to save lives.


Terry the second amendment was written 250 years ago when we did not have a standing army...we had militias to take on the Brits...and our founding fathers wanted citizens to have a well armed militia. In 2019 we have a standing Army, Navy and Air Force...we do not need to arm the general populace with assault weapons with 100 round magazines and allow folks to purchase bullet proof garments if you are not in law enforcement. A five round shotgun is good for duck hunters, and a standard hunting and target rifle or pistol is all that is needed for those sports. Look up the founding charter of the NRA...gun safety training....not LaPierre soaking the members so he can buy a 10 million dollar mansion in Texas. NRA is out of touch and that is why their membership dues are down $55 million this year.

CitrusCo Citizen

LaPierre lives in a $10 million dollar mansion? Wow! Why hasn't the IRS looked into this. My father in law was CEO of a major trade association in Washington DC and NEVER made that kind of money nor did he live in a mansion. You'd think that NRA conservatives who seem to care so much about frugality and hate what they call "elitists" would look upon LaPierre with scorn. But no--NRA members worship him.

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