Have you met Patrick Crippen? He is running for Citrus County sheriff. There are a few other candidates and you might be leaning towards any one of them. Please continue reading. If you haven’t at least met Patrick, please take the time to do so. He has a great plan for this community and it will work, with our help.

Patrick is our hometown candidate. Please don’t misunderstand what that means. His philosophy does not include a “good ole boys” mentality. Crystal River is Patrick’s hometown. This is where he grew up, graduated high school and began his law enforcement career. Patrick’s public service record is exceptional.

Patrick’s vision includes working directly with the community as part of the team. Patrick would like Citrus County to become a more united community. A community that participates and has a voice, when it comes to the Public Services of Citrus County. This will become a reality, with our support.

My family has lived in Citrus County for over four decades. Patrick’s been a family friend for just about as long. People come and go in our lives. Only the best of the best stay friends for this long. Patrick is simply good people. Please take the time to talk with Patrick, listen to his ideas and share yours. He would, honestly like your input. With Patrick Crippen as sheriff, Citrus County will be headed in a good direction. Together we can all make Citrus County strong again.

Patrick Crippen has the support of my entire family. I pray he may have the support of yours, also.

Dylan Kraus