Not one to be involved in politics, I feel compelled to share my opinion regarding the Citrus County Sheriff’s race. One hometown candidate stands out to lead this important office. Patrick Crippen is the only candidate with the law enforcement and business background required, bringing nearly 20 years as a LEO on land, air and water and 10-plus years in the corporate field.

There are LEOs who bully their citizens and thrive on the power the badge gives them. Crippen is not one of those people. Crippen is a man I personally know to be honest, ethical and transparent. He will admit his mistakes, own them, take the steps to correct, learn from them and move on. That is the true leader that our fine deputies need. He is not interested in this position for the title, as a stepping stone or trophy. He cares about the citizens of this County. I implore all voters to review the candidate bios on the Supervisor of Elections website, and their lists of donors before making their decision. I do not want a sheriff influenced by campaign donors from another county. Crippen’s donations have almost exclusively been small amounts from Citrus citizens vs out-of-county big donors.

We need a sheriff passionate about working with our youths and revitalizing the CCSO Explorer Program; the children are our future. We need a sheriff who cares about improving the lives of veterans and elderly. We need sheriff who will be tough on all crime to make our streets safer. We need a sheriff who knows that we cannot arrest our way out of the drug problem and has a plan ready. We need a sheriff who understands that having successful relationships with other government agencies including the school board is paramount to success. This sheriff is Patrick Crippen. Do not take my word for it. Do your research, call these candidates and ask the tough questions. Crippen welcomes your calls and as sheriff, promises to always be accessible to the citizens.

I will be voting for Patrick Crippen.

Cameron G. Martin

Floral City