I am a retired sergeant of the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. I served the citizens for nearly 30 years. I served from 1983 until my retirement in 2013 as a patrol sergeant/supervisor. I’ve known Pat Crippen from the time he came to the agency, working in the jail, on the road as a patrol deputy and his time with the Aviation Unit. Pat is an honorable man, dedicated to his family, his community and his work ethic. Pat has the experience to see what Citrus County needs and the ability to bring people together to accomplish his and the citizens vision for the county. Working with Pat I have seen in him the compassion and empathy needed to be able to serve the citizens in what they need and can expect of a good leader. The way he listens and responds has shown me he truly cares for those he comes in contact with, be it a simple call for service or the arrest of criminals. Pat will be fair in his actions and I believe just in carrying out the duties of a working sheriff.

I truly believe that Pat Crippen is the right choice for the citizens of Citrus and employees of their Sheriff’s Office. Pat has worked in three different agencies and that experience will help him to round out the decisions he makes in the day to day operations of the agency His business experience will bring in the fiscal responsibility of the budgeting and business side also. Citrus needs the hometown advantage that Pat will bring to this position. Pat has shown his willingness to get back involved in his community in several ways and goes above and beyond in reaching out to his community. This reaching out has helped him reconnect and see what the citizens want in a sheriff and the agency he will oversee. I ask the citizens of Citrus County to vote for a truly qualified man to fill the need of the citizens and vote Pat Crippen as your next sheriff.

Eddie Lane