Democrat leaders and the mainstream media are obsessed with destroying our president. Meanwhile, many of our nation’s problems are being ignored. Probably this is happening so that those problems can be exploited for votes in the next national election. Both sides will use issues such as homelessness and financial inequality to gain votes.

Honest leaders would be concentrating on helping to solve these problems now. Most major cities led by Democrats have major homeless and drug user problems. Also, cities such as St. Louis and Chicago have major murder rates as well as other crime problems. Why wait for an election so they can exploit these issues? As far as income inequality is concerned, the liberal solution seems to be to punish success, rather than encourage the so called “left behind” to work harder toward better economic conditions. Taking away the wealth of the successful to give it to the less fortunate will not help, especially if those less fortunate are not trained to use the resources to help themselves get better. Also, if those who are more successful are held to the same rewards as those who are less successful for various reasons, why would they be willing to put forth the effort to succeed just to give away all the fruits of their labors?

There seems to be an obsession on the president’s so called lies. If they put the same effort into relishing in the good things happening in our country and throughout the world, they would be more successful and certainly be much happier. In fact, if they took this suggestion instead of the hate Trump approach, we could have a happier country.

God told us to be compassionate, but did not say to subscribe to a Robin Hood philosophy.

Robert E. Hagaman


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Robert Hagaman is a supa committed Republican fanatic and I can support his right to hold this viewpoint. I cannot, however, understand how an otherwise, decent man can stand behind a ghastly bigot the likes of Denzil Frump. I have an extensive vocabulary but the Chronic' would not publish my views on Frump.

CitrusCo Citizen

Pretty much a waste of time to respond to a man who has no idea of what is going on in the freak show at the White House and thinks everything is hunkey dorey. Ironic that he wants to move on to creating affordable health insurance, safety nets for the poor and vunlerable (referring to a compassionate God), and a better quality of life for all of us by reducing water, air and soil pollution, while at the same time is outraged at the thought of using his money to pay for any of this. But perhaps in his heart of hearts he knows what the truth is--that Trump obstructed justice in ten different occasions, and he, like Trump, knows how to attack, distract, attack, distract, attack, etc. etc. etc. Regardless, it's still a waste of time. The American people will ensure that Justice will be served.


Re: Democrat leaders and the mainstream media are obsessed with destroying our president: Meanwhile, Trump and his Republican sycophants are obsessed with destroying the Constitution of the United States.


So that rightly means that the Democratic leaders and mainstream media are obsessed with protecting the Constitution of the United States.


Amen to that James!


Yes, Robert, he kind of did.


Helping the poor is an individual responsibility, not the government's. OBTW, how much do YOU PERSONALLY give to charity each year? I wager it is very little. Most radical leftists only want to donate other peoples money.


Hit that cord head on, now didn't it, Gmen. Got you typing in all caps. Must have really stung a lot, huh? I'll tell you what, Gmen, you continue wagering your money on useless wagers and I will continue giving my money to my charities. I don't just claim to live in a 'Christian' country, like you do, I actually believe it. It's just the radical leftist in me obeying God's commands, unlike some people we know.

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