I am so tired of reading the same talking points of promises not kept. I can recall one: “If you like your doctor or insurance, you can keep it.” My husband and I live modestly in a five-room block home in Citrus Hills with our adult daughter, who has paraplegia. We don’t have credit card debt because we don’t live beyond our means. We go on vacations when we can afford them and eat in restaurants a couple of times a week. Since Trump raised the standard deduction we are able to use that and simplify our life. We have savings for emergencies and have a car loan that is being financed. We got decimated in 2008 in the market and lost half of our pension. I am happy for people who are making money in the market, but its not for us. I feel complaining about our administration is pointless. Obama created division with his racism almost from the first day ... calling out a policeman in Boston for doing his job. He should have attended to his business as president of the greatest constitutional republic in the world and not going out on an apology tour.

As far as health care, we happen to have excellent care provided by my husband’s former employer and is supplemented by Tricare from the Navy, as he is a disabled veteran. I would hate to see this all go away because of poor choices from our leaders. My sister died of lung cancer many years ago; she did not have insurance but received excellent care in Maine. She had surgery, radiation and finally ended her life in a beautiful Hospice in Maine. She was not an unusual test case. She was in a county hospital and was treated with respect. My daughter was recently admitted to Citrus Memorial with bilateral fractures of both legs and was told by the orthopedic surgeon he would not operate because she was a paraplegic. When we asked for a second opinion, not one orthopedic surgeon in Citrus County came forward. My daughter has excellent insurance.

I doubt 45,000 people die because of no insurance; I notice a lot of people throw around numbers and percentages when trying to prove a point. I question them a lot. In closing, live your life as best as you can and stop complaining.

Marie Colburn


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Miuke Nelson

“If you like your doctor or insurance, you can keep it.” Tired comment. If you wanted to keep him/her all you had to do was buy a policy that he/she accepted. If you lost your doctor, it was your fault, not the ACA. Trump's 10,000 plus lies are actually that, not a bastardization of what was actually said. As for your tax windfall, a few dollars less tax, doesn't make up for Trump's negatives impacts on our country. Unless you make big bucks (which you seem to say you don't) you sure can be bought cheap. At 20k you get about $200, At 25k, it's about $350. 50K , $800. 100k $1000, As for not complaining, First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.


It appears that someone who is rather racist just needed to vent a few bad feelings.

Comment deleted.

The letter writer is the one who wrote, " Obama created division with his racism almost from the first day ... ". I suppose that makes the letter writer a "'racist', a 'knuckle-dragger', a 'redneck' or some other offensive term used by people like you to make yourselves feel superior", just as you wrote.

Comment deleted.

Frankly, there is documented proof for decades that Trump is a racist, and proud of it. Anyone who follows him without questioning his actions certainly qualifies that person as a racist also. Trump has also been a boorish knuckle-dragger proud of his ignorance. To question anyone who is concerned about the actions of this administration is to truly be an American. To support war crimes such as what is happening to children on the southwestern border is heinous. GMEN you need to study asylum laws and what Iran-Contra did to Central America and the market of drug users in this country. That is the reason for so many people seeking asylum on the southwestern border, the policies of Reagan sowed decades ago.


The sadistic actions of this President toward little children says it all. For those of you who don't know what 'sadistic' means.....google it, read it and then apply it to little innocent children in cages who have no control over the adults around them. Then tell me that everything in America is good. I dare you to try to make the President's actions sound good on the part of our country. Do it.

CitrusCo Citizen

This letter seems pointless. What is the main idea? I can't find it.

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