Maybe Citrus County commissioners should know that there is more in newspapers than politics. I personally am sick of pig headed Republicans lining their pockets at the expense of the public and then telling us we cannot get a digital paper at the library. Maybe they should provide transportation, since many of us don’t have any and there isn’t any bus service or train service in this community. No way to get to an airport and no bus that goes anywhere. A digital paper allows people who do not drive access to a magazine. When we buy it digitally, we can enlarge the print to read it. That is important.

If some of these clowns would think about their constituents, they would know we are elderly. We provide 97% of the taxes. There is nothing in Beverly Hills. The commissioners decided to take over the community center and the pool and have basically closed them. No pools, no parks, no shopping, no theaters, no rec centers that are available. They put one miles away from Beverly Hills but if you don’t drive you won’t be going there.

Verna Brunswick

Beverly Hills

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Tax dollars are not to be used for special entertainment. Taxes should support schools, roads, police, public safety. There is a very nice library at 425 W Roosevelt Blvd, Beverly Hills, which has printed copies of the NYT. Or, you can use your own money to subscribe digitally, The NY Times keeps sending me subscription offers for $50/year (which is very inexpensive). However, since they terminated the public editor (2 years short of the contracted term) which was put in place after the Jayson Blair "fake news" debacle, I choose not to read the NYT, as they have no safeguard to assure Journalistic standards. The county cannot provide for everyone's special desires. Perhaps, I would like the county to pay for my niche desires, perhaps digital subscription to Rush Limbaugh that I can use in the comfort of my own home. At some point, we all have to plan accordingly and not expect the government to be our "nanny". I too am a tax "donor", I pay into the tax base, more than I receive. However, I do not feel entitled to free digital subscriptions, brought into my home curtesy of the county. With freedom comes personal responsibility.

CitrusCo Citizen

Thanks for your letter, Verna. You really enlightened all of us, although the BOCC either won't or can't read it. Please write more about what We the People NEED in this county. (We don't need more censorship and more guns, that's for sure).


We all have to remember that they get our tax money to play with whether we get anything at all from them. Vote like your taxes depend on it.

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