I agree with Ron Kitchen, Jimmie T. Smith and Scott Carnahan with reopening parks and trails without restrictions. Sweden followed a laissez-faire attitude with social distancing but did not shut down the economy. There was no significant increase in cases nor was the hospital system overwealmed.

I am a retired microbiologist and knowledgeable on epidemiology and infectious diseases. Sunlight (UV light) works well with killing the virus. Back to Kitchen’s decision with no restrictions. We are Americans in a free country. We can make our own decisions as to whether to frequent these parks or to stay home. We took our dog Saturday on the coastal trails. I saw people social distancing and not in large groups. Most people use common sense. This country was built on freedom to decide. I applaud these commissioners for making the right decision. No lives were put at risk. If you felt his decision was wrong — stay home. That is your right.

Richard Tomlinson

Crystal River