What a national embarrassing spotlight our Board of County Commissioners has shined on Citrus County with their ridiculous giggling decision to reject our public library from subscribing to a digital copy of the New York Times, when they already have hard copy subscriptions. Why? Because Floral City resident Scott Carnahan likes Trump and hates the “Fake News” that isn’t fake at all when reporting on Trump.

If you don’t believe that, just go to YouTube and watch the video’s of Trump’s lies, distortions, stumbling speech, calling the CEO of Apple Tim Allen, Tim Apple, or calling the tragic fire in Paradise, California, Pleasant, California, and on and on ... that is not fake video. It, unfortunately, is very, very real.

This is the same BOCC that voted to let the FDOT build the Suncoast 2 “anywhere north of 44 they wanted to go.” This is the same BOCC that wants to spend over $45,000 to study the impact of the Suncoast 2 on the Pine Ridge community ... something they should have done before giving the FDOT carte blanche to build the road through our county.

Now, with the national jokes by Twitter, USA Today, NBC reporting and video of the BOCC giggling about rejecting the library request to get the New York Times digital edition, the Suncoast 2 will be famous as the fastest way to drive through and beyond Citrus County Trump country.

Each commissioner has a right to their political beliefs; they do not have a right to censorship on our taxpayer funded public library.

Tom Paslay

Sugarmill Woods

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Good Man, Tom Paslay ..... Talks a big lot of Sense!

CitrusCo Citizen

Just driving today (Nov 8) and listening to National Public Radio and Caranahan's voice was broadcast on the air (27 million listeners in about 1,000 stations nationwide), saying, ". . . and I don't want the New York Times in MY county!" Wow. Just wow. Carnahan is becoming the national poster boy for ignorance. Fortunately, he'll continue to reveal who he really is before voting time, but unfortunately, his revelations will continue to damage Citrus County's reputation during his time in office.


Re: he'll continue to reveal who he really is...: he's been "reveal(ing)" since before the day he was sworn; you were just not listening, CitrusCo Citizen.

CitrusCo Citizen

Hey, I never voted for him in the first place, James!! Before he even ran, I was very angry that he supported the Sabal fracked methane gas pipeline which now places me, my family and my property inside of the incineration zone. I'm also angry that he thinks nothing of destroying the natural environment of Citrus County for a highway to nowhere that nobody wants. So, yeah, I'm not surprised that he thinks he can decide what I can and cannot read, regardless that the reading material was paid for by my tax dollars. And by the way, he was embarrassing on National Public Radio stating, "I don't want the New York Times in this county." supported by chuckling commisioners in the background. He sounded like a buffoon from the boondocks. I thought I even heard Dueling Banjos in the background . . .


Re: "Commissioners have embarrassed county," and they're proud of it, Tom.

CitrusCo Citizen

WOW, so the BOCC was so uptight about spending $2700 for a digital subscription that would make a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper available to 70,000 library card holders but then thought nothing of waste the money on a $45,000 study of the effect of the Suncoast on Pine Ridge. By the way, how much will the Suncoast cost per mile and how much will our property taxes go up to help to pay for that? Thanks for reporting some data, Tom, that the BOCC doesn't want us to think about. Data talks and numbers matter!

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