I own Sparrow’s Tavern in Citrus Springs. Today (Friday, June 26) I learned the governor has closed all bars indefinitely. This decision is unfair and discriminatory against bar owners, as the public can go everywhere else. Closing bars is killing small businesses like mine, which I have worked my entire life to achieve. I personally have lost thousands with the shutdown.

Closing bars impoverishes the families who depend on the income. Who is the government to decide I can’t work and my employees can’t work? Aren’t we free in this country to decide as adults where we go and do not go? In order to protest this grossly unfair decision, I plan to protest with a hunger strike

July 7 in Tallahassee in front of the governor’s office until he reverses this decision and stops holding bar owners and other small businesses hostage. Please help get the word out that we the people will not stand for the government making idiotic decisions to ruin our life’s work.

Nimoy Thakkar

Owner, Sparrow’s Tavern

Citrus Springs