After watching all the impeachment hearings to date, I am astounded at the Democratic Party’s naked and despicable attempt to over turn the 2016 election. Anyone who has a brain larger than the size of a pea can clearly see that this has been a shameful and sham process.

The Democrats have found no crime committed by the president, yet they persist with impeachment. They profess through crocodile tears to be solemn and prayerful, but the fact of the matter is this exercise is purely political. They have wanted to impeach this president from day one. While I often take issue with the president’s tone and words, I am fully cognizant of the many promises he has faithfully kept and the blazing hot economy he has facilitated. As they say, “a high tide raises all boats” and the tide is rising.

I am sad about the state of politics in this country. I am also sad that the honored profession of journalism has been destroyed by political activists in the newsroom. Civility and fair play have gone by the wayside. Politicians of both parties should not view their office as a lifetime appointment. That is the problem. They are more interested in solidifying their own power rather than doing the people’s business. That will not change as long as these power hungry office holders are not subject to term limits. I will be voting for Trump next November despite some of my disagreements with him.

I also believe the Democrats will pay a severe price for the incredibly offensive path they have chosen to take.

Barry Bowman

Crystal River

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It is pretty obvious that this writer gets his information from the FOX entertainment channel and Rush Limbaugh because it is the same bullet points that you hear all the time on these propaganda shows. It is sad that heir are so many naive people in this world that follow these shows and are gullible enough to believe them. NO Barry, we don't want to overturn an election, only have someone that is not a threat to our safety and security and respects the constitution. Trump is trying to demolish it and render the checks and balances in this country void. If you and others are to dumb to recognize this you have our sympathy but in the meantime we will do everything in our power to see Trump never see's another term. Trump supporters are scared because they (old white men) are dying off in record numbers and trumps base is dwindling as he is not adding to his base and the women voters are turning against him.

CitrusCo Citizen

In order to avoid arguments and even save their marriages, many women pretend to agree with their old-man-husbands' politics, BUT when it comes to the voting booth, these women often vote with a conscience, brain, and heart and never reveal to their husbands who they really voted for. As my mom used to say, that's what the curtain in the voting booth is for! She pretended to agree with my Radically-Republican dad, but after he died, she told me that she always voted Democrat and just smiled and never told him! Husbands, you can't control your wives' minds--in their heart of hearts they know what bigotry, misogyny, bullying, and ignorance sounds like, looks like and IS.


That entire letter escaped from your head, Barry, even though it contains a "brain larger than the size of a pea". Wow!! Putin could use people like that!


great letter Barry


Please share how you can support a guy that admitted that he'd like to "date" his own daughter. (I think we all know what "date" means). And support a guy that bragged about sexually assaulting women.

CitrusCo Citizen

Komrad Barry's BOFF (best, only, friend, forever)

CitrusCo Citizen

How dare you, Barry! You whine about the lack of civility and then you call me and my fellow Democrats "naked", "despicable, with pea-sized brains, shameful, power-hungry and offensive. You don't even know me--you don't even know us, but you robotically parrot what Trump and Fox have programmed you to do--slam others with name-calling. We are your neighbors, your doctors, your dentist, your retail clerks. We've never called you anything that is so disrespectful. If you want to see a lack of civility, just take a look in the mirror, you incredibly rude hypocrite.

Miuke Nelson

"Civility, fair play long gone ." Thank you Donald.


I am amazed that you think so highly of the president. He makes fun of people, encourages violence, betrays our country, five time draft dodger that made fun of John McCain, and so on. The list is way too long. He can't even speak in complete sentences.

CitrusCo Citizen

. . . and he repeats himself, repeats himself, which is an early sign of dementia. But his emotional intelligence is that of a 5-year-old and so constant repetition is not the worst of his problems.


How many ways does Trump have to betray and corrupt the country before you realize that Trump is a dud and owned by Putin?

Trump is Putin's useful asset and folks who support Trump are theoretically aiding and abetting the enemy.

The dark money loving Republicans who received Russian money from the NRA are trying to cover Trump's corrupt butt and are not patriots by any means.

They are just promoting Putin's and Trumps story line and deflecting attention to the detriment of our National security.


Court how many right wing and left wing radio stations there are. The right is far ahead with in spreading its vileness.


Frankly, I'm tired of seeing and hearing about "left wing" "right-wing", liberal, conservative, democrat, republican, yada yada...that's just meant to divide the American people and keep us "regular Joes" from finding out about all the long-occurring corruption, graft and waste in DC. But, I am interested in what your thoughts are with regard to "left-wing" and "right-wing" radio stations, television stations, newspapers, magazines, website news, etc. How do you determine whether they are "left-wing" or "right-wing" and how do you count them all and determine the ratio?

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