I’ve read the op-ed in the May 10th edition of the Chronicle (“Extension routes revealed,” page A8). Thank you for at least making more people aware of the Coastal Connector corridor study and pathways.

I am shocked, however, at your very thinly veiled support of these roadways, and you’ve used many of the same very superficial rationales spouted by members of our BOCC — none of which speak to specific benefits to Citrus County citizens. No version of this roadway is good and future travel and evacuations could be helped more effectively and far sooner by expanding and improving existing roadways.

You suggest the timelines are far, far off, when that is not the case in reality. This road could be funded as early as next year, if the state government decided to do that. Expressing resistance now is crucial. And finally, you’ve punted all feedback to the FDOT/FTE, further letting our county commission members, Ron Kitchen especially, off the hook for advocating for the interests of the citizens of Citrus County. Stop being a mouthpiece for monied interests and speak up for the citizens of the county. Have some journalistic integrity!

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Jennifer Carpenter

Beverly Hills