Thank you for your editorial on March 31 regarding CF providing a top-notch education. As the parent of four children who have done/are doing their AA/AS degrees at CF and then transferring to a four-year school, I am thrilled to see the Chronicle weighing in on this issue.

Historically, there has been a stigma attached to attending a community college, which, sadly, continues even today. Attending CF hasn’t negatively affected my children’s education at all. Actually, it is a great way for students to get their degree with little, or no, debt. Living at home, working part time, and the affordable tuition all help in this regard. The availability of Bright Futures scholarships in Florida can’t be overemphasized either.

It may mean that students are delaying their flight from the nest, but it also affords a little extra time, with increased responsibilities, to mature before that next step. It may also mean sacrificing or shortening their time at their “dream school,” but the payoff of not being saddled with crushing student debt is worth it.

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Thank you, again, for sharing this option with the parents of Citrus County students.

Cindy Corcoran