While watching a recent Democratic debate, one contestant stood out — former Vice President Joe Biden. I was surprised to see him there, as the night before he introduced himself as a candidate for the United States Senate. The day before that, he claimed he was arrested while attempting to visit Nelson Mandela.

While I watched, he was in a rant that 150 million people have been killed by firearms since 2007. What? Look out, Joe, the FBI may conspire to invoke the 25th Amendment against you.

Former Vice President Biden is completely out of touch with reality, as were most of the others on the stage. The mantra of the great giveaway is sadly laughable. My Irish mother would remind me from time to time, “Tis nothing that you get when nothing is what you do.”

Seize the moment in America where the economy is booming, and jobs are readily available. Roll up your sleeves and get to work. You’ll be better off for it.

Free college, free health care, free child care, student loan forgiveness, open borders, prison furloughs, revoking the Second Amendment, reparations, the forcible removable of firearms of lawful owners, infanticide — may God forgive us all for that one — and anything else you can think of!

If this is the best the Dems have to offer, election night is going to be very painful event for them.

Kevin M. Kelly

Crystal River

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I donated the maximum $2800 to Joe Biden. He's not a socialist and he can bring the country back from this disaster called Trump. Who has done nothing right since president. I thought George bush was bad. Trump is a 1000 times worse.

Alot people will die because of his incompetence. Breaking up the pandemic team put together by bush and then improved by obama. Defunding the CDC and the national health organization ...that should be a crime itself.

We still don't have test kits! Citrus county is negligent allowing large gatherings and such with so many elderly people. This is republicans, profit over safety. You can't tell me no one has shown up anywhere in the county will no flu like symptoms. The governor said there was only 2700 test kits. Trump is a disater. I listen to Biden's speech, it was alot more coherent then trumps..who likes to low ball the truth.


Watching TV in general I am surprised to still see Trump in the White house. With all the lies and false statements he makes, with his 23 sexual misconduct allegations made against him (just like Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein), with the way he mocks and makes fun of less fortunate and disabled people, and with his false and outrageous rants and waves on Twitter. But, yes, loser people DO get elected somehow to rule and lead unfortunately. A good role model you think for our kids?


I guess Keven feels that Joe Biden is a threat to Trump and is lashing out trying to damage Biden before he even run's for office. Truth is Biden is a much better candidate than Trump and he has a reason to be worried. He neglect's no mention all the damage Trump has caused and now thousands of Americans will die because of Trumps neglect with the caronavirus. Trump tried to downplay and ignore the virus until it was to late and now we are all going to pay a price for his ignorance. I have to ask every time I see Trump on T.V. , is this the best we can do ?

Miuke Nelson

Give us a Republican candidate other than Trump and then you can comment on Biden.


A Republican candidate other than Trump???? Sacrilege, Miuke Nelson


Excellent letter Kevin . Yes , Biden is a goofball , but he is light years ahead of the other fools that the democrats were offering. Thankfully the democrats have come to their senses and put forth the only reasonable candidate they had. Thank you for your letter


Have you any notion the history of incompetence, lies and misdealings Trump has been accumulating for decades? He worked hard to brand himself as a bad boy, using the same press he has labeled "fake news."


Biden is still light years ahead of Trump and has the experience and knowledge to run this country. Something Trump lacks.


"That man", being the fake president.


People who think the president controls job growth probably shouldn't have children, especially if they are too lazy or too slow to learn basic economics. Anyone who votes for that criminal is either a fake American or fake patriot.

CitrusCo Citizen

I had a dream last night that Trump, who refuses to stop shaking hands with people and who invited a COVID-19-positive diplomat for dinner with his family at Mar-a-Largo, contracted COVID-19, gave it to Pence who, in turn, got sick, and they both were so sick that the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi had to take the reins and lead the country. And she did a great job! It was just a dream, but anything is possible, nowadays.


Love your dream CitrusCo!!

CitrusCo Citizen

By now, Kevin has lost everything he ever had in the stock market and his portfolio is crickets and tumbleweeds. Is he blaming DJ Trump for that? Probably not!



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