Who are the 43% who want socialism? They better think again. The way the Democrats talk about socialism makes it sound like a winner.

Well, if you like what is happening in Venezuela, then socialism communism is what you want. You better think again. It has come to good versus evil. Which one are you for?

Who are the 43% who want socialism? Is it the college crowd? Parents need to educate these kids. They are being brainwashed into believing how great socialism is for them. The Democrats care only about themselves, not Americans. Look at the clowns who are running against President Trump. That should tell you how great they are. The venom they have is outrageous. I never thought I would see such hate as they all have been showing. People still want to vote for them? Are you kidding?

If we do not get it right this time, then you can blame yourself for not doing the right thing. 2020 is around the corner. Wake up America and see what is happening to our country. Nothing like when we grew up. They have erased history and are taking God out of everything. They also want to leave us defenseless. Open your eyes to the truth. God bless America and all of us. I do not know about you, but I do not want America to be another Venezuela.

Anastasia DeRose


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I'm glad to read where people who despise Socialism so much has decided to decline their Social Security checks and Medicare when they become eligible.

CitrusCo Citizen

Right! They should put their money where their mouths are--right into our pockets--obviously they're incredibly rich and do not need social security and Medicare. That's more for us and our children (and maybe grandchildren). How surprisingly generous they are!


When you actually figure out who the 43% are, let us know. Until then, why are you just guessing? Kind of like throwing the pasta on the wall to see what sticks.

Miuke Nelson

Let's add Russia, North Korea, Philippines, Turkey, and other countries led by petty dictators to that list. That's a lot more worrisome to me since we area whole lot closer to that the current regime than we are to being Venezuela.

CitrusCo Citizen

Yet another vacuous letter from Anastasia. May her typewriter break and squirrels eat the pieces.


CitruCo Citizen, you make such ridiculous comments but refuse to refute her assertions. Why, because you know they are true and correct.

CitrusCo Citizen

Reading her writing is laborious and painful. Her thinking is fragmented, incoherent, illogical, prejudiced and simply untrue and if you've been following over the years, she's getting worse. She does her best to denigrate others and divide our country and then, hypocritically ends with "God bless America"! Frankly, we're Just sick of it.

CitrusCo Citizen

Kim, you say that we need to refute our statements about Anastasia's lies. Here are a few of her lies this week: Lie #1:"Democrats only care about themselves" Wrong, Dems care about education, health care, housing and other help for the elderly, the poor and working poor, women's rights to equal pay and control over their own bodies, voter registration and voters' rights, the environment that is being destroyed for our grandchildren, etc. Lie #2: "Democrats have erased history" Wrong. The Florida Citizens Alliance wants to revise U.S. history curriculum and textbooks in FL and deny that the Civil War was about slavery and that the slaves were happy, that we are a multicultural and multi-religious nation, etc. Lie #3: "Democrats are taking God out of everything" Wrong! God should be out of everything but churches. There is something called the Constitution and its First Amendment guarantees us Americans the Separation of Church and State. Governmental organizations (schools, airports, banks, services like Medicare, etc.) must remain free of religions--any and all religions. Lie #4 Democrats want to leave us defenseless. Wrong! Kim, tell that to my dead father, grandfather, and great grandfather, and ancestors back to the American Revolution and the War of 1812, all veterans of national and world wars, as I go today to lay flower on their graves. Will I see you at the next meeting of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Ocala? I doubt it. Lie #5 "It's nothing like when we grew up" Wrong. I remember the racist signs above water fountains and bathrooms in the American South, the angry mobs keeping Black American children out of public schools, the huge disparity in pay and opportunities for American women, the normalizing of harassment and denigration of minorities and women. I was there. I was aware. Were you? Lie #6. "Kids are being brainwashed". Wrong. Anastasia was brainwashed into writing these lies and it's obvious that her goal is to divide our country even more and as much as possible. Will she ever write, God bless ALL Americans". Nope. As long as she continues to write her lies and spread discord and misery, with her disorganized and muddled writing, I will continue to challenge her. And I will be quite happy to refute her statements, if you really need that evidence and education, Kim.


You make charges, but provide no evidence to back up your assertions.

Truth Crusader

If you enjoy Medicare and Social Security, you are a socialist!

CitrusCo Citizen

Right. Anastasia should refuse to accept Medicare and Social Security to prove that she is against socialism. This is my challenge to you Anastasia. Will you respond and follow through? Nope.


Medicare and SS are, for the most part, paid for by the recipients over their working lives. Socialism believes that government should provide all your needs and own all your property. If you are truly a socialist, you should deed your home over to the government.

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