A thought for our County Commissioner’s. Why more taxes when it should be about choices?

We need better roads. OK. Why are more taxes the only solution presented by our leaders? How about a close review of other areas for savings?

As a former Credit Union CEO for 34 years, I never accepted a problem from an employee without asking for their solution(s). More often than not they worked just fine.

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It seems down here when our County Commissioners face anything major, their answer is more taxes. Well maybe, but first shouldn’t we see how they can improve on what’s already in front of them?

Using the same rules I used as a CEO let me propose a solution — one that won’t result in increased taxes. Let me say I support our sheriff, but wonder about the necessity of the sheriff’s helicopter, maintenance, training and staffing when most of the same job could now be done by drones. Heck, you could put a drone in every deputy’s car and teach them to deploy them when needed.

Years ago in a faraway place, Onadaga, New York, this solution saved the tax payers over $1.5 million a year and there were no drones!

Choices please, not more taxes.

Gerd Henjes