Thanks, Mr. Mulligan, for your Oct. 6 column, “I do know when my feet are wet.” For those of us who live on the river, it’s pretty obvious what is happening. I am reminded of an old Marx Brothers routine where Chico says, “What are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?”

The Rockefeller Foundation released a report about five years ago that said, among other things, that Exxon alone spends upwards of $500 million a year to influence media. It should be pretty clear that denying climate change would be high on their agenda. Something like 160 countries signed the Paris Climate Accord. Are they all a bunch of dummies? I don’t think so. I have relatives in Europe and they are some very savvy people.

Influencing, by the way, is a multibillion dollar industry now. Say Ms. X has a blog with 75,000 followers. Corporation Y will approach her and offer a sum of money to support their point of view.

All of which is to say we must all be very skeptical of any media or personality who offers opinions and claims to have all the answers.

There is media out there that is not owned by any corporation. It’s not hard to find.

Issues like soda straws and light bulbs are a drop in the bucket and are just diversions from the fact the just three industries produce 70% of the CO2 put into the amosphere each year.

Stephen Hawking in a series called “Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places” says, at one point, “The way the human race is going, we would be lucky to make it another 1,000 years.” I hope he’s wrong and we don’t keep fiddling while Rome burns.

Bob Berger

Crystal River

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Reality is there for all to see, the earth has actually been warming up since the end of the last ice age. There have been some fits and starts in this process but the reality is there. The big question is what can realisticly be done about it?

Many emerging economies around the globe want to see better lives for their population and this is directly related to human endevor which in its own right uses fuel to power in many ways economic success. Take a moment to look at China for example, the miracle of transforming the stone age economy into the industrial powerhouse of today was and is powered by fuel that causes greenhouse gasses. China is a member of the Paris agreement, yet adds coal powered power at breakneck speed. Add India, Indonesia etc to this equasion and I have to wonder what is the answer? Certainly not throwing copious ammounts of money to fund studies, round table discussions, and advisory boards that acomplish nothing except burn up more fuel flying hundreds of private jets to attend.

Miuke Nelson

This is particularly true of information from social media, Perhaps more so. In a recent report we find that From Sep. 25 to Oct. 1, the Trump campaign spent over $1.6 million on Facebook ads, many of which included false or misleading claims.

Facebook took down one of these ads – which referred to Joe Biden as a 'b--ch' — because it violated its ad policy against profanity.

The Trump campaign then revised the ad to include a debunked claim about Biden, and this ad was allowed to stay up because Facebook ads from politicians are not eligible for third-party fact-checking.

Elizabeth Warren and other Democratic officials have challenged Facebook's misinformation policies, asserting that the social media platform is promoting Trump's lies, and is making money by doing so.

Donald Trump is allowed to lie in Facebook ads, but he can't curse.

CitrusCo Citizen

Thanks, Bob. Isn't it just incredible that there are stil Deniers who live along the Gulf Coast of Florida, who are also sitting in water in their backyards along the canals and shores as the waters rise and are STILL denying Climate Change and its cause? They are too embarrassed to admit that they are wrong and too stubborn to be smart.

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