Reading today’s letters to the editor I noticed the second letter in this week written by ardent Trump supporters that were a shift in the president’s support. Both individuals admitted begrudgingly that the president is untruthful, dishonest and immoral but will vote for him based on policy decisions. I believe there are two points of interest here. The first is abandoning the tactic that he didn’t say it or do it and the news was fake. In my short life of 72 years, I have never seen more accurate reporting of news. It may be negative, but if it actually happened, the saying is “you own it.”

The second point is interesting when they say no matter what the president says or does, they will vote for him based on policy. However, their Republican Party is no longer that. It has become a populist party of Trump and no longer stands for fiscal responsibility by controlling costs. Nor does it stand for the Constitution and no one is above the law. This second part is easy and obvious with examples like Ukraine and the president profiting from his properties. The true cost of this presidency may not even be known until years after it ends and I am guessing many lawsuits, to get records of costs of trips that are required by law to keep and release are made available to the public.

Since I am a life-long, registered independent, I take the time to check not only the facts but their sources for validity. I have always felt the leader of this great country should be honest, morally upstanding and transparent to the people he was elected to lead. It is hard to view Trump this way with his history of lies, lawsuits, draft dodging and immoral behavior. He has admitted to being an atheist and has never had to ask for forgiveness since he has never done anything wrong — his words, not mine. I guess one could sum up my statement saying, I am looking for an honest, Christian to lead this country.

All are entitled to their opinion, but one would hope that would be based on verified facts from credible sources. If one simply is satisfied by just pulling the lever on the right or left without thinking, be ready to get what you get and don’t complain.

Jerry Daniels


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Trump was never a church goer - I ask his religious followers to find out what church he belonged/attended while in NY all his life. There wasn't one.


Did you know that 26% of the county voters are independents? 36% are democrats. The remainder are republicans , which means the majority isn't republican. So why is there not one democrat representative in any part of this local government? It's insane that there is no political diversity here.

It's possible that these 26% independents aren't really independents but are too embarrassed to call themselves republicans. So if you are really a true independent or a democrat your not represented in this county. From what i've seen here the same republican crony capitalism , with same people , with the same ideas are reelected year after year. The democratic party here is anemic and can't seem to come up with a candidate along with independents to make a real change. The last democrat cowardly gave it up, after she said her father was a diehard democrat for years. What advantage did she recieve for switching parties? Interesting , since her ideas of what her responsibilities on the school board didn't require a "Republican" perspective on education.


Citrus County values traditional American values of God, Family and Country.The Democrat party here is much worse than anemic. Best it go elsewhere.


So your saying only republicans have these values? The republican party is the Trump party and right now has no family values, is unpatriotic and if you think trump represents any of these things, you need a reality check! This county is the second poorest in the state, highest unemployment and the worst roads I've ever seen...and obviously democrats aren't to blame.


Good letter Jerry, I hope people like Joanie Welch can read and comprehend what you have said here but she and others put on their political blinders and refuse to believe anything except what they hear on Fox news or Limbaugh or that supports their pre conceived distorted views.


Jerry's comment about Trump being an atheist is totally false according to Snopes. Looks like he overestimates his "prowess" at researching the "facts". His error calls into question and demands challenging all of his other accusations. Bell-Man, your political blinders are showing. Perhaps you should check out Fox News and Limbaugh? With an open mind you might, Just might, learn something.and eliminate YOUR pre-conceived distorted views.


Trump's attempts at public religion have been awkward, at best.

He said he does not ask for forgiveness and "does not bring God into that picture" when he makes mistakes. He has tried to put money in the Communion plate and referred to the sacrament as "my little wine" and "my little cracker." He mispronounced a book of the Bible, and when asked about his favorite verse, has either deferred or, in one case, cited "an eye for an eye," an Old Testament revenge scheme specifically condemned by Christ. (Turn the other cheek, Jesus said.)

Trump tussled with the Pope and was shushed by a minister in Detroit. He often looks uneasy when pastors lay their hands on him and pray. He says he is proud of his evangelical support but not sure he deserves it.

When asked theological questions, Trump often speaks in terms so vague they approach opacity.

Asked "Who is God to you?" by the Christian Broadcasting Network, Trump answered "God is the ultimate," then began a brief spiel about how he got a great deal on a golf course before circling back to his original definition. lol

CitrusCo Citizen

Jerry, I agree with most of your letter but disagree with the Christian part. A president's religion is no one's business--religion is a private matter and should not interfere with running a government. We are a multicultural, pluralistic, multi-religious nation and freedom of, or from, religion is our right as Americans. The same goes for our president. C'mon Jerry, you're too intelligent to be insisting that a president and/or our whole country be forced to be Christians or any other religion. How about a president who is scandal-free, has a good and strong moral compass, is empathetic and truly respects and cares about the American people and the environmental health of our nation and planet? I'd settle for that any day.


I would like to hear exactly what Trump policies they like. That would help understand where they are coming from.


Holy Cow! I just found a Trump policy I support...He wants to stop "birthright tourism visas" that current allow a non citizen...who is get a visa with the specific purpose of delivering the baby in the USA...and thus is a citizen by birth. We should have done this a long long time ago.

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