With the recent murders by some individuals with firearms, there are quite a few politicians and news media suggestions how to stop them. One that all have brought up are background checks.

Well, we already have them. They are called National Instant Background Checks and have been around for 20 years. In that time there have been 1,653,771 denials, and of those, 86,5910 were felons. Keep in mind that it is a felony to lie on the application.

In a 2018 report from the Government Accountability Office for the year 2017, there were 8,606,286 applications; of those, there were 112,090 denials. The FBI investigated 12,710 and only 20 of them were prosecuted. Again, keep in mind that it is a felony to lie on the application from.

I get the idea that the background checks are not working. Perhaps there is inadequate funding to enforce the law. This falls to Congress to step up and provide the means to make it work.

Are there structural things that can be done to make it work better? Of course, and a major one is a complete reporting by all law enforcement agencies. Conspiracy theorist that I may be, I believe that some politicians don’t care about what criminals do. They are using them as a goal to control us.

David Manuel


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Miuke Nelson

I really, really, really , really hope I'm wrong,but I see no significant change coming anytime soon. If the murders of little school kids didn't spur any change, this administration controlled by devious donald and machinegun mitch won't be spurred to action by some wack job who told police he was targeting 'Mexicans'.


It’s all just a distraction. What they really need to do is ban high capacity assault rifles, the common thread in these mass shootings.


Having no idea what the current background check checks...perhaps what is needed is the Red Flag warnings being taken seriously. The Walgreen shooters mother diligently asked the police about her son buying an assault rifle..and was ignored based on current law and police policy. There were plenty of signals associated with the perps in Dayton and Parkland that were ignored or minimized by authorities. Not all the sick people will be caught in time...so understanding that fact the least that can be done is make the sale of assault weapons, high capacity magazines and body armour illegal in every state...a Federal crime....as is now the law with bump stocks.

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