I’m a news junkie. I keep track of the news and who says what and how they substantiate their opinion. I get sick and tired of unnamed sources. Unnamed sources do not prove anything. It’s not even hearsay. As I read the Chronicle Opinion page, I see a lot of readers saying Trump lies, but never tell us what specifically they are talking about. Anybody can repeat what someone else said and it means nothing. Your writers would have more credibility if they would specify what they’re talking about. Trump lies, OK, about what? They should cite their source of this information and the evidence. I’m not talking about reports from CNN or MSNBC where professional journalism has nothing to do with what they report. We have had over two years of news articles from the press citing unnamed sources. Two years of telling us what a bad guy Trump is, only to have these unknown sources proven to be full of bologna.

As a writer to the Chronicle, you are entitled to your opinion about Trump, but you are not intitled to your own facts. Be specific about your complaint.

Doug Oxford

Beverly Hills

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As a "news junkie", he should have realized that writers are limited to 400 words and their is not a lot of room to fill a letter up with a bunch of statistics, and where you got every bit of info. You can all look it up yourself, it's called the internet. If this writer watched something other than Fox news, he could see firsthand what Trump does and actual video clips of him doing what they claim. (that is a fact not unnamed sources) Trump does not like CNN because they report facts and substantiate them with actual video's of things Trump has said. To Trump, anything he doesn't like is fake news. If you only watch Fox news which leaves out parts of the story, you will get an entirely different view which is their intent. I know because I watch all three stations and then compare the facts.


I have seen a lot of, shall we say exceedingly ignorant letters over the decades. This one may top them all.

CitrusCo Citizen

The problem is, Jens, that these letter writers submit their letters to "hard copy" and probably never read the responses to their letters, online. Therefore, they will never get the feedback, or criticism, and will never change their thinking. They'll continue to write from their "bubble". We probably should flood the editorial page of the Chronicle with all of our comments, but there wouldn't be enough room!

CitrusCo Citizen

Example 1: Fact: Donald Trump stated, "My father . . . was born in a very nice place in Germany." Evidence: video. Opinion: Donald Trump is a liar. Example 2: Donald Trump stated that the Democrats are giving away cars to illegal immigrants. Evidence: There is no evidence. Opinion: Donald Trump is a liar Example: 3 Donald Trump stated, "The noise from windmills causes cancer." Evidence: There are no scientific studies published in scholarly peer-review journals of science or in technical reports to prove this. Opinion: Donald Trump is a liar. Example 4: Obama was born in Kenya. Evidence: Obama has shown acopy of his birth certificate which states that he was born in Hawaii. Opinion: Donald Trump is a liar. Doug, these are just a small portion of the thousands of lies that are verifiable through documents, scholarly published research, video or audio recording, etc. There is no room here to report all of them. If you say you are a "news-junkie" then are you only watching Fox, which will not report on Trump's lies? Do your research!

CitrusCo Citizen

Data shows that Trump lies 75% of the time (see Politifact, winner of the Pulitzer Prize). Some of his most verifiable lies are: The noise from windmills cause cancer (No, Donald, noise doesn't cause cancer--ask any oncologist--that's evidence), The Democrats are giving away cars to immigrants (You can research this anywhere you can and you find nothing, zip, nada, zero proof of this), and no Democrats voted on a bill to fight the ophioid crises (Pants on Fire, Donald, most Democrats voted for it as did most Republicans You can count the votes). Mexico's gonna pay for The Wall (Mexico: "We ain't payin' for no blankin' wall!)" So far Mexico hasn't paid--You can't count their payments because there aren't any--that's evidence. Donald "Pinnochio" Trump's legacy will go down as The Man of a Thousand Lies.

Miuke Nelson

I guess some people have trouble reading, so here's a video. Mind you this is only covers the period up to the midterm elections. Lots more since then. There's this thing called google. Try it. https://youtu.be/o-dSAlBOoxc With over 10,000, there isn't room on this forum.

CitrusCo Citizen

Thanks,Miuke, I did view that video and it's excellent! Kudos to journalist Daniel Dale for his meticulous research on "Documenting Trump's Lies". I do hope that Dale writes that book someday--it'll be a best seller!


Doug, you write, "As I read the Chronicle Opinion page, I see a lot of readers saying Trump lies, but never tell us what specifically they are talking about." Perhaps you should tell us exactly who those "readers" are that are "saying Trump lies". Until you do, it isn't even hearsay. I would think that you would see that as a real problem.

CitrusCo Citizen

And Doug, maybe you never learned in school that evidence is verifiable when it is seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelled, and/or if there is a still or moving image (video), an audio recording or it it can be counted. Example: Trump lied when he said that Obama was born in Kenya and not born in Hawaii. Doug, until you show us Obama's Kenyan birth certificate, and orove that his Hawaiiianbirth certificate is fake, Trump is still a liar, (even though he actually recanted the lie later on.)

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