In regards to Dr. Samuels tummy ache article in the March 17 Health & Life section of the Chronicle, I am a bit confused. In his first paragraph he says, “There are many different types of GI disorders, as well as many different reasons for having them.” As far as I can see, Dr. Samuels presents a number of disorders and therapeutic actions, but gives no reasons for the causes of the problems.

I appreciate the fact that Dr. Samuels seeks to present both Eastern and Western methods of treatment, but the treatment of a symptom is different from the reasons or causes behind the condition. I have no problems with doctors treating symptoms, that is their business. However, when a doctor says he is going to talk about the reasons for gastrointestinal (GI) problems and then says nothing, I think someone needs to say something.

So, to start, I am not a doctor, I just own a stomach and I eat. I have noticed that what I eat has a great impact upon my GI condition. I would assume that one of the first questions a doctor would ask a patient is about their eating habits. It is somewhat like “garbage in, garbage out.” Maybe just per chance, GI problems could be avoided or lessened by proper diet.

Chris Conklin


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Nice comment Chris, and your funny too! haha!! I don't eat wheat because I had headaches and stomach problems. I eat very little sugar and salt but I do eat meat though I need to cut down or stop but I do eat a lot of vegetables and fruit. And fish, like salmon and tuna and herring, great oils. Like Citrus County Citizen said those certain things contribute to high blood pressure, heart and cardiovascular diseases. I do eat oil though, olive oil. Great for you.

CitrusCo Citizen

Doug--to build up natural immunity against COVID, eat raw or very lightly steamed broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage,etc., and eat raw green peppers, and especially oranges including the rinds--packed with Vitamin C. Also blueberries, wild salmon, and other wild cold water fishes, and think Mediterranean diet (yes olive oil, olives, etc.). Try to get out once a day for an hour of exercise (12 feet away from anyone) breathe deep and soak up some Vitamin D sunshine! If you do those things and more and if you are exposed to the virus, your body will have extra "ammunition" to fight it off.

CitrusCo Citizen

You're right, Chris. Along with way too much red and highly processed meat, there are 4 real killers in the American diet: sugar, salt, flour,and oil. When you think about pizza crust, pasta, breads and buns, cake, cookes, biscuits, cupcakes, bagles, everything that's fried, ice cream, sodas, and so on and so on, all have various combinations and I didn't even mention fructose corn syrup. All of these are the main causes of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and of course, gastro intestinal problems. Some of us old hippies learned many decades ago that "You are what you eat", and we've been vegetarians on a plant-based diet, ever since. We've tried our best to stay away from salt, sugar, flour and oil. And those of us who stuck with that healthy diet are pretty darn healthy. No meds and no allergies. Oh and we don't smoke, either.


Good for you Chris. Eating can be so good for you because not eating can be really bad for you. Well said.....I think....maybe......huh?

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