Attorney John Morgan is pushing for a $15 minimum wage in Florida. His amendment will be on the ballot in November.

If this guy really cared about the people of Florida, he would have not pushed the amendment, and willingly pay his own employees at least $15/hour.

This amendment would destroy the rural parts of north Florida and the heartland, where the cost of living is significantly lower than where he lives in Orange County. Many counties in the northern part of the state are already struggling; we don't need any more economic pressures to put the small companies out of business. Many of the towns do not have the big retail chains that they have in the big urban counties of South Florida, that could afford a minimum wage hike. For many towns in the northern part of the state, all it is is mom and pop shops.

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I understand that Miami-Dade County is expensive, and the economics down there can arguably support a higher minimum wage, but please do not forget the rest of the state. Counties like Gilchrist, Jefferson, Bradford, Jackson, etc. cannot support a $15/hour minimum wage. The local economies are just too different.

This amendment is horribly thought out.

A better push would be to have the Legislature change the law, so counties can institute a local minimum wage that better reflects the local economy.

Broward County and Citrus County are so different, they might as well be in two different states. Its almost asinine, to have the minimum wage be the same.

Please, vote “No” on Amendment 2.

Dan Lanske

Citrus Springs