Jimmie T. Smith again shows his complete ineptness and lack of understanding of government operations. His attack on the Land Development Director for daring to do her job is a travesty and embarrassment to good government.

She had the audacity to include a tree buffer between homes and a new proposed industrial park. For that, Smith insinuated she be released or reassigned. Really? The proposal was going before the commission that he sits on. If he did not like it, he could have explained his concerns, and if the commission agreed, it could have been removed.

Had she failed to include a buffer and the citizens affected came forward to complain, would he attack her for not including it? If the affected people hired an attorney who found such a buffer was required, would he demand her resignation? I am not a development planner, but I would bet there are standards, laws, ordinances etc. that have to be considered. Government hires professionals to do their various jobs. Unfortunately, the employee doing the job gets attacked by the ones creating the laws the employee is charged with enforcing. I guess some elected officials need a scapegoat.

Way too often elected officials attack the employee for doing their job, while they try to please special interests or cover up for their own ignorance.

If Smith had an actual concern, he should have had a discussion with the administrator, not abuse the department head in a public forum (newspaper). In the end, it must not have been that much of a deal since Smith voted for the park and apparently did not bring up the subject to the full commission.

A true professional would apologize and move on, I doubt Smith is capable of that.

Roger B. Krieger

Beverly Hills

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Roger B. Krieger, thank you for making these valid points about Jimmy T. Smith and his unprofessional behavior. Frankly, this commissioner does not have a history of making good judgements. He will not apologize unless his handlers instruct him to do so.

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