President Trump held another campaign rally on Feb. 4. He called it a State of the Union message, but he told us very little about the actual state of the union. As usual, most of what he said was untrue. There is not room enough to list all of the lies, but here are a few of the more egregious ones.

“I will always protect patients with preexisting conditions” He is suing to end those protections.

“Thanks to our bold regulatory reduction campaign, we have become the world’s No. 1 producer of oil and gas, by far.” We became the No. 1 producer of oil and gas in 2012. Guess which president should get credit for that.

He claimed credit for the low unemployment rate and ending the “failed policies” of the previous administration. The trend in unemployment actually slowed down with his new administration.

“We will always protect Medicare and Social Security.” Trump’s previous budgets have already pushed for cuts in those programs. He has promised during his second term those programs would be “on the table.”

Right after promising to protect Medicare, which is a socialized health insurance system for the elderly, Trump had the audacity to suggest that socialism destroys health care. We have the most expensive and one of the least effective health care systems in the world, if you could even call it a system. All of the European “socialist” systems have measurably better outcomes than we do.

He claimed that he has “confirmed a record number of judges to the federal bench.” One hundred eighty-seven is not a record. He has a record number of appeals court judges confirmed, but he always chooses to quote the larger figure.

“In America,we celebrate faith; we cherish religion.” Sure. Just ask any Muslim. You may notice that he didn’t say Christianity. He said religion. That would mean all religions. When he said we, I doubt that he included himself.

He claims record job creation. With the single exception of his first year, when he was overcoming the failed Republican policies of the Bush recession, the number of jobs created under Obama in any three-year period of time far exceeded the number created during Trump’s three years.

Those who believe anything that Donald Trump says can be described in two words: easily deceived.

William Collins