This letter contains some out of the box considerations for Democrats.

First, in trying to find a presidential candidate, consider the following:

Do not nominate anyone who is older than 60 years old, we need fresh faces and new ideas.

Do not nominate anyone who is younger than 50 years old, you get no credit for inexperience.

The candidate should have a law degree with a minor in history, economics, and Constitutional law. Fifteen years of management experience in a government position would also look good.

Please, no one with orange hair! Gray or balding is OK.

You need to put all of your candidates in a room and have them agree on a common sense platform they can support, no more wild cards please.

They also need to agree on how they will pay for any new programs, no matter how wonderful they are. It would be embarrassing for one of them to stand up in a rally and say we are going to give each of you a new car. And a voice from the crowd shouts, “who is going to pay for it?” and 15,000 people shout back, “ We are! ”

Do not nominate anyone who is a self-made wealthy capitalist who has no experience in government.

These folks are typically micro-managers who would not have a clue about managing 2 million-plus federal employees and may appear to be a loose cannon in the White House.

We are overdue to have a woman in the presidency. If you select one for this election, be sure she loves this country with the love only a mother can understand. And, she must also have the personality of a

Marine drill sergeant.

Check their background carefully; no skeletons, affairs or money laundering allowed. Remember, they will be under incredibly intense scrutiny by the press, thank heavens.

You also might want to consider a suggestion on the local scene. The Chronicle has published a number of letters from local Republicans telling us what the repercussions would be if the Democrats should get elected. It runs the gamut from trashing the Constitution to outlawing apple pie and fried chicken. I have also noted that when the Democrats publish a notice of their meeting, they say all registered Democrats are invited. Please invite these Republicans. Maybe they will learn the truth.

R.M. Sprott

Crystal River

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A president should have the one quality of not stating that he is waiting to hear from a dictatorship as to whether, and with who, American military will go to war with. Are we to understand that the American military is now lead by a Saudi dictator? If you don't know what this means, just read Trump's tweets. It appears to very clear that this is what is happening. M.I.A., Republican Congress.


Are describing Kamala Harris! Love the way she nailed the president last night then told him he could now turn the channel to watch Fox News!

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