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They have cut down many trees on the Bicycle Path and left the trunks there making it messy and nasty looking. My suggestion is let people come in to cut the wood up for their use and/or sell … Read more

The “boys of summer,” sadly, have brought the autumn to us too soon. The Tampa Bay Rays provided much needed excitement and hope during these dreary months. I am anxious for spring training an… Read more

A few comments on the constant letters demanding mask and vaccine mandates. I’ve noticed on the mask mandate letters, none cited scientific, peer-reviewed studies. Only saying what the “CDC” r… Read more

A crisis is upon us and it ain’t climate change. We have all heard our debt is $28 trillion. The media reports the current desire to spend more, the politicians are mute when asked how we can … Read more

I have been an educator for 50 years. For most of my career, I taught in Alachua County (Gainesville), except for one year in Citrus County, one year in St. Johns County and one year in Flagle… Read more

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Every October Breast Cancer “Awareness” Month rolls around and there are a flurry of articles about the importance of early detection. Yes, it is true, if detected early enough, many breast ca… Read more

I read the Opinion section all the time. It really amazes me how misinformed people really are. Anna DeRose is the leader of misinformed information. Mail-in voting has never been proven to be… Read more

Why is no one from the county taking care of the flooding and standing water in Castle Lake and Singing Forest communities in Floral City? There are people who are disabled that need help now. Read more

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We really like Fort Island Trail Beach, but things are changing, namely noise pollution. What ever happened to a quiet day at the beach? Read more

It has been 37 days since the big rain in Citrus County. Most have gotten back to normal, but some you will find, have not. Castle Lake hasn’t. There is a county-owned retention pond in our co… Read more

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Back in January 2020, a powerful, unknown, unprecedented virus (COVID-19) shut down our country and a state of emergency was declared in Florida. Only essential employees in government — feder… Read more

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I am responding to the letter, “Say no, to mail in ballots,” by Ms. Anna DeRose, published on Oct. 2. The author appears unaware that mail-in balloting has been used in the U.S. since the Civi… Read more

The Citrus County Veterans Foundation Inc. Board of Directors conveys its sincere appreciation to the Citrus County Chronicle for its sponsorship of the 17th annual Citrus County Veterans Golf… Read more

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About 12 years ago, the county commission raised the local gas tax specifically to pay for road repairs. Recently, the tourist tax was raised, partly to help with road repairs. Read more

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Just an idea to prevent further vandalism and destruction of the county owned restrooms at the county Lecanto park. It must be very expensive to repair each time vandalism has occurred. I woul… Read more