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As shocking as it was to watch the childish responsees of the BOCC, it comes during a general acceptance of a war on whistleblowers like Assange, Snowden and Manning, and a general failure by corporate media to factually report on global events. If I want truthful reporting on these events, I go to other trusted sources. In any form, not upholding the first amendment is wrong and unconstitutional. The library board is appointed to make decisions of what materials are important, not a board whose members may not even have a college education such as Smith. That is called censorship.


I think your missing the point, it's not about your first amendment or censorship, it's about spending tax payer funds for an out of state paper.


all newspapers should be free, including the chronicle.


All newspapers should be made available online for free. I, like most people, pay for the ability to read the news. I live here full time and if people want a ny paper for free, certainly our local chronicle should also be free. People who write articles for the chronicle have gone on record criticizing officials for not supporting free access to the times on tax payers expense, how would they feel if the county paid for free access to their paper. It's the democratic thing to do. FREE!


Miuke Nelson

If this poll is reflective of Citrus Countians attitudes and they bother to vote, we may get better representation down the road. As I tally the votes, almost twice as many voters are aghast or disappointed in the BOCC's decision than those who approve of it.

Miuke Nelson

How about the Chronicle simplifying the question to add some clarity. How about just a Yes or No poll on the question of providing digital NYT access in the library if paid for by private donations.


The budget decision alone would not have made national news. The heat seems to have been generated by the quote from a commissioner.


I am a Library card holder but do not use the library much. I do once or twice a year read the NY Times. I have not seen any figures as to how much use we as Citrus County citizens would use. therefore I can not support the cost.


They made all the wrong decisions for all the wrong reasons.


They made the right decision for the right reasons

Miuke Nelson

So you believe that your elected officials should limit access to information if you don't agree with it? That sure does sound like Trump Country or maybe like the Soviet Union, Saudi Arabia, or the DPRK.

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