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Those in favor of the overpass should consider that the steep ramps on either side will require Americans with Disability Act (ADA) "steps" to be built in like the Suncoast Trail overpass on SR 50 and all of the many overpasses on the Pinellas Trail. This means the ramps will be very steep going up and very bumpy going down. Not fun. A tunnel can be built much closer to the adjoining bike trail grade so the "steps" will not be necessary. Also a tunnel can probably be built in half the length of an overpass bridge due to the fact that the bridge will have to be built on an angle to have sufficient clearance for traffic and to connect to the Dunellon Trail close by. Tunnel clearance requirements are much less. Drains and pumps may not be necessary. The three tunnels on the Ocala area Land Bridge and Santos Trails do not have these due to very well draining sands. The conditions in this area look very similar. Finally, trail overpasses are not pretty. Safety requirements demand extensive chain link netting and fencing. A tunnel would be almost invisible for motorists. The tunnel is the better choice.


I'd like to see the figures on how much the tunnel will cost versus how much the overpass will cost. The cost of upkeep on the tunnel and the fear of getting mugged in the tunnel may swing my vote. The ever-expanding trail is a huge tourist magnet for the area. I just moved here for the trail, and I have a list of family and friends lined up already to come here to ride the trail with my wife and I. When they come, we eat at restaurants, do all the sight seeing things that the area has to offer. That's tax money that the bigger and better trail will bring in when it is linked to other trails. Thanks.


How about a bike crossing light at N Citrus Springs Ave?


I’m 83 and a former biker. I’m in favor of an overpass. A tunnel is viable in rainy season only if it has drains, pumps and lights.The cost of utilities and more intensive maintenance required compared to an overpass would soon overtake the additional cost of an overpass. Build the overpass to prevent the dangers of red lights, crosswalks or doing nothing.


The most economical choice


sorry about the capital letters. should have done a better job of reading instructions.

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