THE ISSUE: Community Food Bank needs “Hunger Heroes.”

OUR OPINION: Post a selfie and/or make a donation.

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Calling all Citrus superheroes, the Community Food Bank (CFB) is putting out a spotlight for help.

Guardians against hunger and food insecurity are needed to make sure every person in Citrus County is able to maintain nourishment to survive and thrive.

To fight the villainous poverty tireless in its terror of our local community, the CFB is asking all Citrus citizens to participate in their “Hunger Hero” fundraiser.

And helping is as easy as posting a selfie.

Rather than attending a formal event, the CFB needs champion civilians to don their favorite cape, mask and superhero outfit to promote inspiration in donating to the CFB.

The community is invited to dress as their favorite superhero and post a selfie on the CFB Facebook page and/or Instagram using the hashtag #Feed.352. Posting and sharing will help garner donations to keep local pantries, soup kitchens and shelters stocked.

Local unemployment numbers have recently bumped up amid the lingering effects of the pandemic, and countless citizens in our area are struggling to provide the basics for themselves and their families.

You can make a difference to someone down on their luck, and be the superhero they need.

For every $100 donated, the CFB is able to provide 1,000 meals to those in need in our community.

The Community Food Bank sources and picks up food daily, as well as prepares it for delivery to more than 50 food agencies to serve those in need. The food bank averages 300,000 pounds of food each month to serve over 60,000 people in the local area.

The “Hunger Hero” fundraising campaign is an easy way to make a difference and promote the mission of the CFB.

Ongoing financial support is needed to meet the growing hunger needs of Citrus County.

Donating is easy. Visit and click on the donate button, text DONATE to 352-280-3391 or mail a check to Community Food Bank, 5259 W. Cardinal St., Building B, Homosassa FL 34446.

Take vengeance on poverty and smash food insecurity in our local community as a selfless Hunger Hero.