THE ISSUE: No preferable choice without clean water.

OUR OPINION: Petition a worthwhile endeavor.

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Clean water is imperative to our ecosystem both in Florida and throughout the world.

But Capt. Karl R. Deigert, treasurer/director of Florida Rights of Nature Network, opines that Florida lawmakers are being duped by advocacy groups that “Plan CC” by the Army Corps of Engineers will bring effective change.

That change, he says, calls for the Army Corps of Engineers to transport water, whether clean or toxic. The federal agency says water quality is Florida’s responsibility. We certainly agree, it is the state’s responsibility, from the top to the bottom, government officials, businesses and corporations to the citizens.

It’s no secret that corporations influence legislation. “Money talks,” as they say.

But there’s power in numbers and the people can make their voice heard. The Florida Rights of Nature Network ( is championing the now-active “Right to Clean Water Amendment” petition. They say it is the 16-pound hammer to break the cycle of failed past legislation that isn’t working.

Because we want to provide residents with clean water, protect the environment, it starts with those who are passing laws: our state Legislature and other top-ranking officials. We must pinpoint the sources of pollution and find ways to eliminate it.

But it goes beyond pollutants; our state lawmakers must also clamp down on rules allowing water bottling companies to pump millions upon millions of gallons of water for next to nothing. We cannot continue allow such massive amounts of water to withdrawn from the aquifers, damaging our already sensitive ecosystems, including our world-class spring systems.

Floridians should support this worthwhile amendment.