As is tradition, members of the Chronicle Editorial Board share thankful thoughts every year on Thanksgiving Day. We wish all in Citrus County a happy holiday.

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“What if today, we were just grateful for everything?” – Charlie Brown

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It’s a simple statement made by a simple boy but his statement stirred my heart.

Wouldn’t it be nice to stop for one day to be grateful for everything and for those around us to do the same? What a beautiful thought.

Today I am grateful for my loving family, amazing children, incredibly supportive husband and loads of loyal friends.

I am grateful for a rewarding and challenging new adventure and the opportunity to experience it with an incredible team of hard working coworkers, that I call friends, each day.

There is much to be grateful for today and every day.

Trina Murphy, publisher

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There is much I am thankful for, not just today, but daily. My family, especially my three wonderful, bright children, who each have their own unique personalities and abilities; my great friends; and an amazing amount of co-workers who work hard, strive to be the best they can be each time they walk through the doors. But more importantly, the laughter and the support they provide each day.

Jeff Bryan, executive editor

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As I reflect on another challenging year of the pandemic, I am thankful the country is starting to return to a semblance of normalcy. I am thankful for the support of family and friends who have made it a little easier to keep smiling during a tough year. And I am thankful for my hard-working colleagues in the Chronicle newsroom who always make my job a little easier.

Brian LaPeter, managing editor

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Four centuries ago, a small settlement of Pilgrims, struggling to survive in a new land, paused from their daily rigors to give thanks to their Creator for the blessing of a bountiful harvest.  Today, given our nation’s tumultuous times, it is especially important that we maintain our perspective by also pausing to reflect on and to offer thanks for the many blessings that have made America the world’s land of opportunity.  It is also important that we give thanks for the blessing of living in a county where kindness and generosity toward each other daily guide our lives and enrich our community. To all, my heartfelt wishes for a blessed Thanksgiving.

Curt Ebitz, community member

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Some friends recently made a “thankful for” list. It resonated. One phrase in Spanish covered a lot of ground: “salud, amor y pesetas, y el tiempo para disfrutarlas” – meaning, “health, love and money, and the time to enjoy them.” Plus, everyday luxuries we take for granted: lights at the flip of a switch, good water from the tap, clean air outdoors, no bombs raining down on us. Family, either born-to or chosen. Modern medicine. And freedom of expression, especially thankfulness.

Rebecca Martin, community member

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I am thankful for my wife who has always been my supporter and encourager. We will celebrate our 62nd Thanksgiving together this year. I am thankful our entire family is healthy. I am thankful for all of the emergency personnel and other public servants who are working long hours protecting safety and health on this holiday. I am particularly thankful for the patrons and members of the Art Center who supported our organization during the long COVID-required shutdown last year and who continue to support us with their attendance at events and their donations which help keep the organization operating during these very trying times.

Mac Harris, community member

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I am thankful for the courageous in our community, nation, and around the world who seek to fight injustice in many forms. I am thankful for the advocates, law enforcement, attorneys, social workers, reporters, teachers, activists, and nonprofits who are brave enough to stand up to fight for those among us who have been abused, oppressed, or marginalized. As Malala Yousafzai said, “There’s a moment where you have to choose whether to be silent or stand up.”

Today, I thank you for your choice to give voices to those others have tried to silence. I thank you for standing up to challenge the world around us, not accept things as they have always been accepted, and making good trouble. Know that you are appreciated, and you have made a difference.

Sunshine Arnold, community member

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I am thankful that the United States has three major pharmaceutical companies that like lightning bolts struck at this deadly COVID-19 disease and within months had developed successful vaccines that have demonstrated a remarkable efficiency in reducing both mortality and morbidity. And I am thankful for the selfless people who have gotten vaccinated even when doubtful because they know it’s the right thing to do for people around them.

And I am more than thankful to my best friend — my wife — for guiding me through the shadows of the grim reaper now 12 years ago and being my most fierce advocate for life.

Don Hiers, community member