DiGiovanni: Valerie will be a destination spot

Inverness City Manager Frank DiGiovanni leads a tour of the Valerie Theatre under construction in January 2015 in downtown Inverness. 


Inverness City Manager Frank DiGiovanni will retire.


He was the leader Inverness needed.

Frank DiGiovanni is a leader who knows the value of moving forward.

For 40 years he has worked tenaciously to promote Inverness and turn it more into a destination city and not just the county seat.

Think thriving downtown. Think pretty parks with trails and lakes and boat slips. Think drawing folks countywide into town for top-notch entertainment.

That’s the way DiGiovanni thinks. And it has worked.

Vision has been one of his strong suits since he came to work with the city of Inverness those many years ago, in 1979, as parks director. He had a love for Whispering Pines Park with overseeing its completion then, an affection that continues to this day under his direction as city manager of 24 years.

Now the city is deep in the throes of its $10.5 million downtown Depot District project — another vision of DiGiovanni’s for a better Inverness.

It was reported that many of the city council members were “speechless,” therefore, when their indefatigable champion announced recently his plans to retire within six months.

But it really shouldn’t have come as such a surprise. After all, 40 years is a long time of service. It’s time to take a well-earned breather.

DiGiovanni has not always been known as the easiest person to work with. Blunt, borderline cheeky at times.

Highly effective, however, almost always. He is not one to back down when he believes in a cause.

In his position as city manager, DiGiovanni was concerned with doing his best for his city, not whether he would be voted Mr. Congeniality while making things happen. His eye was always on that prize, his heart in the right place.

He was the leader Inverness needed, stepping up at the right time.

Now his plans are to stay in Inverness and enjoy his retirement life, although he said he may take an opportunity here and there to “apply a lifetime of knowledge.”

Good plan, we believe.

Inverness was made better by Frank DiGiovanni. He should be proud.

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Correction: Frank was not just a "Visionary" .... He still is a "visionary"


He has done a great service to our community and will be missed.

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