Snippet Citrus has had a significant impact on the community since it started its program of providing low and no cost neutering of cats and dogs in 2013.

Since then, their work has prevented the birth of approximately 170,000 puppies and kittens, they have microchipped 1,400 pets and trapped, neutered and released more than 3,300 feral cats.

They have also led efforts to provide education about pet responsibility through programs for young people and columns in the Chronicle.

But with an aging group of volunteers unable to meet the physical demands of events and fundraising, and a sense of having at least partly achieved their mission, the board has decided to dissolve the nonprofit next March, with the last surgeries completed by Feb. 28.

While they are not alone in working to reduce the number of unwanted pets that end up being abandoned or euthanized, their work has stood out because of the partnerships they created with local veterinary clinics to help low income residents neuter pets and to neuter feral cats so that these colonies do not continue to grow.

Like so many volunteer organizations, they were started by people with a vision and a passion for an issue, and the success of the organization is built on the efforts of these volunteers.

And also like many volunteer organizations, as the original volunteers age out, there are not enough new volunteers to maintain programs and keep the organization healthy and functioning so the organization either limps along as a shadow of its former self, or it goes out of business.

We have seen this pattern many times, and it is always a loss when organizations that benefit the county end up closing their doors due to a lack of volunteers to continue the vision of the founders.

Citrus County benefits from the efforts of many volunteer organizations, and the county is better for their work. Snippet Citrus has been a benefit to the county, and their work has made a difference. Our hope is that other organizations will take on some of the activities they have sponsored to benefit our county and that these efforts will continue in the future.

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