Decade of IB

THE ISSUE: 10 years of IB in Citrus.

OUR OPINION: Program has been resounding success.

Citrus County’s students are fortunate to have the opportunity to earn an International Baccalaureate diploma without having to travel out of the county.

And by all accounts, the IB program has been a phenomenal success during its 10-year existence.

In a recent column, IB director Darrick Beuttner at Lecanto High School, listed a number of impressive program achievements, including:

  • 52 of the 62 IB seniors earned their IB Diploma this year (84% pass rate — a record for LHS);
  • LHS IB seniors took 374 IB exams and passed 327 of them for a pass rate of 87%.
  • since its inception in Citrus County, every IB senior has been accepted into college;
  • 60 of the 62 IB seniors this year earned scholarship money totaling $6.32 million in scholarships;
  • because of its IB program, Florida Department of Education sent an additional $234,000 to Citrus County Schools last year.

Earning an IB diploma is one of the most rigorous educational opportunities afforded high school students. It not only exposes students to an enhanced curriculum in a variety of subject areas, it focuses on overall development of the student. IB students learn valuable analytical skills, are given opportunities for independent, original work and develop an appreciation for civic responsibility through their engagement in the community.

Because of this rigorous holistic approach, IB students stand out to college admissions staff.

We applaud the district in making the decision a decade ago to create the IB program in Citrus County. With just 85 schools in Florida offering the IB diploma, it is a valuable opportunity for our students.