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Don't really care where they live. Do care that they lie about it. Do care that they feel they have the right to only represent their own political party constinutents. A good political leader will lean into his own party beliefs, but not completely turn his back on everyone else. Lying seems to be the first step to being a bad politician and we appear to have plenty of those on the commission.


I don't know if where you live is important but what's important to me is Will they listen to the people? Ignoring them or not letting them speak up speaks volume to me; in my eyes they shouldn't allow to have this job. By the way, they is the county commissioners.


Not sure I care where they live but I do care if they are lying. Seems there are at least 2 in and out of office who have not been truthful. If they are going to lie about where they live what else are they going to lie about!


I'd rather have commissioner at large than individual districts. They do not vote by district anyway, and the wuestion if residency would not be an issue.

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