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Lourie Schultz

I would like to see a moratorium (?) on spending through our commissioners for a 12 month period with an extremely limited exception enforced by them of our funds in Citrus County. During this period I would like to see them out on the projects they have passed investigating the time and quality of work being done instead of simply sitting in Inverness at their desk passing more expentatures. We have so many projects in the fires that are years in the making and causing so many traffic jams, sinkholes, and discomforts with profit losses for the small business that are struggling to stay afloat that are already established with the hope and dreams of being a success as new businesses are being brought into the county to counteract their hard earned efforts.


We desperately need some traffic enforcement personnel in this area to rein in all of the speeders, tailgaters, red-light & stop sign runners since the current LEOs don't seem to care very much about our increasingly dangerous roads.

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