National Direct Support Professional (DSP) Recognition Week is Sept. 8-14. During this time, it is our great honor to celebrate the wonderful direct care professionals (DSP) in our adult day training and residential programs who provide care, support and love to those in service at Key Training Center. Every day, our DSP staff shares their talents to enhance the lives of others. They are true servant-leaders who put the needs of others first and help persons with developmental disabilities develop to perform as highly as possible. They play a significant role in transforming our community to be servant-leaders too. The way our direct care staff dignifies and believes in the abilities of the people they work with truly sets a standard of inclusive behavior out in our community. They are role models on how to treat others with the cornerstones of kindness, love, dignity and respect, and our community watches and learns from them.

Melissa Walker

Melissa Walker is the Key Training Center Executive Director.

We at the Key Training Center will continue to work tirelessly to provide the resources to recruit, train and retain a sustainable DSP workforce. We will continue to advocate for adequate public funding to offer competitive wages, benefits, training and career development for our DSP staff and we will not stop. Medicaid reimbursement rates make it challenging to pay the wages they deserve. The Key Training Center employs about 285 people, with many DSPs working in the adult day training, residential and retail departments. We are proud of our staff and the work they do for the Key Training Center.

Our DSPs are the backbone of the Key Training Center. They personify what we do. They care for others. They support others’ dreams and aspirations. Miracles happen every day at the Key Training Center by DSPs, working together to make all lives matter and flourish.

To all our DSP staff, thank you for your extraordinary efforts and thank you for choosing the Key Training Center as a place to share your talents and your passion.

Melissa Walker is the Key Training Center Executive Director.

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