I would like to begin by thanking the Chronicle for their endorsement of Ginger Bryant for Citrus County School Board, District 2.

All of Ginger Bryant’s, adult life has been dedicated to the educational excellence of Citrus County’s children. She is a strong advocate for public education as a student, teacher and school board member. She is the mother of three children (two of whom are now Citrus educators) and the wife of a retired coach. She taught at Crystal River Middle School for 25 years and has been serving as a School Board member for 20 years to continue to meet the educational needs of our children. She believes persons running for school board should embrace public schools for their children and themselves. Faith in public school education should be a prerequisite for public school board members.

Ginger will always fight for the safety and educational needs of all children. Children are our future. She strongly believes that our future lies in their hands and we must prepare them for tomorrow’s world. Her top three priorities are God, family and children, evidenced by the many summers she spent as a counselor and teacher at Florida Bible Camp.

The school board is not a part-time job for Ginger. She spends many hours volunteering in our schools and helping parents with the needs of their children. Her phone is listed, and she is always available to parents, teachers and anyone with questions about our schools. As a teacher, Ginger was chosen to participate in Blueprint 2000 in 1990. This was the beginning of our school advisory councils. We now have 22 schools with advisory councils in Citrus County. Ginger served as a teacher on Crystal River Middle School’s council. Councils are made up of a school board member, teachers, support staff, administration, parents, students, retirees and business personel. They work all year to come up with a school improvement plan to submit to the state. Ginger has served on four to five school councils each year as a school board member for 20 years. She has over 760 total hours of service on these councils. In my opinion this is equivalent to a masters degree in the needs of our local schools.

She also works at the state level and is on the governing board of the Florida School Board Association and is a trustee since 2004 on the Florida School Board Insurance Trust which saves our school district many thousands of dollars each year.

Ginger’s opponents say it is time for a change and proven experience is not as important as their “new” ideas. Is this a redirection from years of proven success to years of experimenting and trials during this pandemic? In the past 20 years, these opponents have never contacted Ginger or the board about changes they thought would help our schools. We have a great school system and there is an old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Most people prefer experience and success to inexperience and chance. Would you like a heart surgeon of 20 years to perform your operation or one who had never done a cardiac procedure?

Many years ago the school board was made nonpartisan because people decided that education, not politics, was more important. In fact, it is against the rules for candidates to state a party on their advertisements. The focus should always be the children. I am sure the voters of Citrus County will look at the qualifications of the candidates and choose the person who is best for our children. Ginger has taken care of our children’s needs on the School Board for 20 years.

Continue her success and re-elect Ginger Bryant, a child advocate, to the school board on Aug. 18.

Nick Bryant is the husband of school board candidate Ginger Bryant.