John Sikorski

John Sikorski


Dear John: In 1945, after the war, my wife’s father bought his wife a leopard coat in Youngstown, Ohio. The maker of the coat was the Ulrich company from Youngstown, Ohio.

Both of my wife’s parents have passed on; however, the coat remains in our possession. We are wondering what ideas you might have regarding what we can do with the coat. Does the coat have any market value? From a historical perspective, are there individuals who may be interested in such a coat? The coat is in fairly good condition considering that it is 75 years old. I have enclosed two pictures for your review. Please note that I am interested in the market value of the coat and not the person modeling it. That’s my wife and she is priceless! Any thoughts you might have on who might be interested in this item would be appreciated.

Again, we very much enjoy your articles and feel fortunate that you continue to “open the doors to the attic.” — M. & B.B., internet

Dear M. & B.B.: Besides being priceless, your wife is very much in fashion wearing the leopard coat, as leopard pattern is the hot spot in the current world of fashion. However, I have no idea about the potential dollar value. Here is a good resource to investigate what it might sell for. The Augusta Auction Company specializes in couture and vintage fashions. I suggest you contact them about your coat. The website is

Dear John: In the past you have been kind enough to research some of my mother’s things after she passed away. Last November, my husband died. I found this journal signed by Griswold from 1773 in his closet. The book is not in the best shape, but considering the age, it is amazing! There was some paper money dating back to that era tucked away inside and a copy of the Declaration of Independence, probably aged to make it look more authentic. But the journal is real. Griswold was prominent in Connecticut, where our families come from.

I have attached some photos and would love to know an approximate value. I have discussed it with the family and our plan is to donate it to Quinnipiac University’s Law School library. My grandparents founded Quinnipiac almost 100 years ago! Any information you might be able to give me to include with our family donation would be greatly appreciated.

My husband also had an extensive collection of coins, some gold and very old, but in good shape. I need to know if there is a reputable dealer so I can sell them and split the proceeds with his sons.

Thank you for your time and any information you might be able to provide. Google is only so-so on these items! — S.M., internet

Dear S.M.: I have no idea what the journal might be worth. To have it appraised for donation, I suggest you contact Swann Galleries in New York. The website is

To sell the gold coins, contact Heritage Auctions at

John Sikorski has been a professional in the antiques business for 30 years. Send questions to Sikorski’s Attic, P.O. Box 2513, Ocala, FL 34478 or

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