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But officer I wasn’t texting, I have both paws on the wheel.

Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes


When considering an item to purchase, indecision can be a problem for the potential buyer and a solution for the next buyer. If someone is interested in an item and picks it up, even asks for a better price but then puts it back hoping it will still be there later. Another customer picks up the same item and immediately purchases it. One fun theory is the first customer put their “mojo” on it and activated a desire to possess. “We call it infectious buying” and have seen it happen many times

The same thing happens with a large group. The first group is there for entertainment and little buying and the second group turns their visit into a buying frenzy. How do you figure?

We touch items frequently to rearrange, reprice, decorate but evidently our touching of items doesn’t leave any “mojo.” If it did we would go around touching items every day and our annual sales would skyrocket.

You will not know if you are infected as there are no symptoms, only the mojo you left behind.

Perhaps those with the mojo infection could be certified as a carrier and contract out their services. This would be more effective than advertising, just think of a booming economy.

When picking up an item for sale at our shop or flea markets, retailers, estate sales, be aware of the person right behind you as they are waiting for you to put it down.

Steve Barnes owns and, along with his shop dog Gypsy, operates Olde Inverness Antiques.

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